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    Anal bleaching
    An_213028 posted:
    What do you think of anal bleaching? I have thought about doing it but I dont have a clue about how to go about it. Has anyone here done this? If so what did you use and where did you get it if you done it at home?

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    Guys does it bother you at all that the skin around it is darker than the rest of the skin?
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    luvmy2babiesmuch responded:
    I just logged on again, and almost spit out my coke when i read the first topic!! WTH!! and the poll makes perfect sense,, and why do women need one more thing to do, that makes them feel better about themselves, in their own mind!!!! men like us, generally the way that we are.. does it also bother men that our facial lips are a different color than our face? or that when laying down, they can actually see up our nose holes?? gosh, love yourself, and feel good in your own skin! JMO!!!
    isabellin replied to luvmy2babiesmuch's response:
    An_213029 replied to luvmy2babiesmuch's response:
    lol I really didnt know what else to name it. Look I totally get what your saying, but for myself it does bother me some. Just wondering if other men notice it is all. I know other women out there do this also. I just want some info from some people here if they have done it. Its just like someone who dyes their hair, gets their eyebrows waxed, shaves down below, gets a boob job, buys cloths that make them look better, puts acne meds on their face, gets their teeth whitend, and I could go on and on its just something that bother me just wondering if anyone feels the same ya know. There is no reason to be rude or tell me to get some self esteem about my a hole lol ya know.
    goodguy82 replied to luvmy2babiesmuch's response:
    Wow the things women have to do to look good, bleaching sounds painful. It is not something that bothers men, but maybe there are some men who like would like it? Anyone out there?
    An_213032 responded:
    Ok, so I'm not a guy, and I had never even heard of this until today, but I asked five of the guys that I know what they thought about it. Only one of them had even heard of this. Most of them thought it was crazy and why would anyone want to put themselves through the pain of it just to make an area that's supposed to be dark lighter. Only one (the one that had heard of it before) it would be kind of cool, but if the woman didn't have it done that certainly wouldn't stop him from "****ing her from behind". (sorry if that's crude, but that's how he talks).
    So hopefully that helps you out. Guys really don't care about it (at least not the ones I talked to)
    An_213033 replied to An_213032's response:
    Hmmmm thanks! I know I have only heard of porn stars doing it. Its supposedly really popular amoung them. Why do you think they are more one color cuz they are bleaching :). I read some more about it. It looks like you can buy the stuff to bleach it from pharmacys. I dont know about that though. They said it wasnt painful either but there are risks of using their product to much like cancer. I remember seeing a Tyra show about black women who bleached all of their skin. They were saying that they are putting themselves at risk for cancer. I read that you could use simple skin lighting creams ones that are supposed to lighten sun spots or freckles.
    luvmy2babiesmuch replied to An_213033's response:
    i would definetely be afraid of the OTC products, i don't know it just sounds a little scary to me..
    heres a thought-maybe instead of lightning that area, maybe you could tan naked, and lay in such a way that your butt crack is open and getting the best light, and maybe the whole area will darker around that area, and it'll match-- just thought of that one! good luck in your quest!
    An_213034 responded:
    Have you ever tried just waxing right there? I know that that lightens me up!
    An_213035 replied to luvmy2babiesmuch's response:
    Have you ever tried to wax right there? I know that that lightens me up!

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