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    Uterine Orgasm and G-Spot Orgasm at same time....
    An_213164 posted:
    Hi everyone!

    My wife and I have been experimenting and came upon a strange question that we cannot find any info about on the web. My wife is able to have uterine orgasms when something goes deep enough in her. Lately I have started massaging her clit while she is having a uterine orgasm. This yielded both a clitoral and uterine orgasm at the same time.

    She is also able to have G-Spot and clitoral orgasms at the same time.

    Is anyone aware of a technique where she could have a G-Spot and Uterine orgasm at the same time? Or more importantly, all 3 at the same time?

    Thanks a lot for your help!!
    alaska_mommy responded:
    Sorry, I won't be of any help, I can't tell the difference (sensation-wise) between any of them in the first place, so I couldn't tell you how to get there.
    For me, an orgasm is simply an orgasm, I don't get drastically different ones other than how strong they are.
    Good luck though!
    3point14 responded:
    Excuse my ignorance, but what's a uterine orgasm?
    jsmith311 replied to 3point14's response:
    A uterine orgasm is an orgasm that most woman are not able to have. It happens when the uterus is stimulated during sex. Most men are not large enough to stimulate the uterus and for some women it can be quite painful. My wife and I are lucky, I am large enough to stimulate her uterus and she is one of the few that enjoys it and can orgasm from it.
    Cat78fish replied to jsmith311's response:
    Your wife enjoys uterine orgasms? I've only had a couple uterine orgasms and I didn't really enjoy them. They happened because my boyfriend at the time was slamming into my cervix which really hurt to begin with. It took a long time for my uterus to become "unclenched" and relaxed again. To me, g-spot and clitoral orgasms are a lot more pleasurable and I don't really want to experience another uterine orgasm.
    isabellin responded:
    whats a uterine orgasm? you mean you touch her uterus and have an orgasm? thats painfull if thats what it is
    3point14 replied to Cat78fish's response:
    I've had kind of the same thing, maybe? My ex was slaming into my cervix at a million miles an hour. Then there was this feeling like pressure being released, a huge fan. It didn't hurt, it just didn't rock my world. Sorry I can't help, and thanks for the info!
    Mensch59 responded:
    Two orgasms at the same time??? Sounds almost painful. Like sneezing and peeing at the same time. 2 differents places at the same time? Like a migrane and stubbing your toe at the same time. there IS too much of a good thing.

    I am a bit cynical about the idea of a elite orgasm club.
    An_213165 responded:
    Just try all kinds of slow techniques. My Husband has navigated my body endlessly, and he can make me orgasm everywhere over and over. I have even had anal and uterine orgasms at the same time. It also depends how long your penis is. Gotta run! See you later!
    Mensch59 replied to An_213165's response:
    I'm kinda agreeing with Alaska. An orgasm is just an orgasm. Some more intense than others and varying sensations, but dramatic differences depending on the body part stimulating.
    Is that orgasm from anal sex a Proctogasm?
    If I kiss you with my extra long tongue do you have a tonsilgasm?
    I had a girlfriend that was sensitive all over her body and very easily orgasmic.
    She once came as I stimulated her ear with my tongue. An Eargasm?
    Once from stimulating the small of her back. A Backgasm? (or is that a board game?).
    We once made love in the boathouse of the college rowing team. A REAL Oargasm.
    alaska_mommy replied to Mensch59's response:
    LOL LOL Mensch keep going...I'm sure there are many, many more!!! LOL...Oargasm...Eargasm...yes, if they just rename it depending on what body part was being stimulated, then I've had anal, clitoral, vaginal and uterine orgasms all at the same time!
    If there are different ones then I am just not sensitive enough or educated enough to tell the difference...
    But to all you ladies who are, enjoy!
    An_213166 responded:
    This has kind of turned into a joke. I was not asking peoples opinions on their orgasms or about whether they find uterine orgasms pleasureful. Let me assure you that I do not "pound away" at my wife to bring her to a uterine orgasm. In fact, it is very deep and very slow that brings her there. For many women, uterine orgasms can be quite painful and I understand this. Please understand that for my wife these are her favorite type of orgasm. If you do not know anything about them please look them up on the internet and read about them before assuming how painful they are.

    I was genuinely hoping that someone might be able to offer some advice on how to achieve the orgasms that we are searching for. We have always had a very active sex life and my wife was a world cheerleading champion, as well as gymnast and dancer. She has unbelievably strong core and leg muscles. This enables her to orgasm in a lot of different ways.

    For those of you who think there is only one type of orgasm.... All I can say is that I am sorry! Read about female orgasms and you will learn that there are 3 distinct types!

    Mensch59? Did you really compare orgasms to stubbing your toe and to a migraine? No wonder you don't want to be an elite orgasm club! I was just asking if anyone else had tried to accomplish what my wife and I are!
    An_213167 replied to An_213166's response:
    I agree, my Husband makes me reach these orgasms with slow, gentle and deep penetration...........he does not pound away on me either. Unless I ask him to of course!

    It definitely takes patience and time, and usually what works for me is coital gyration or the coital alignment technique (CAT), nice and slow..... sometimes sucking my nipples at the same time. Or sometimes he just dips the head of his penis in my vagina in and out, kind of teasing me while pulling my nipples gently, you know? I mean, it could really be different things, depending on my mood. Also, I feel like I can decide what kind of orgasm I want to have. I just tighten those muscles while my Husband is working me, and sometimes I fantasize at the same time, and voila! I am a very orgasmic woman's truly a blessing.

    Honestly, to me the only time a uterine orgasm was painful for me was when I was pregnant. So when I was pregnant, I limited myself to only having clitoral and anal orgasms. Other than that, I have always had incredible pleasure with every orgasm. Another way my Husband has given me all orgasms at the same time, has been while he is giving me oral sex on my clitoris, he fingers me slowly in my vagina, and he puts another finger in my anus. He does it all at the same time. That drives me crazy! We don't do that often though.

    It's amazing that you know so much about your Wife. You are just like my Husband, he knows me like the palm of his hand. That is key to having a great sex life. There are not a lot of men like you guys are heaven sent! You actually enjoy and take the time to discover me that's a real man. Good night.
    An_213168 replied to Mensch59's response:
    To me an orgasm is NEVER just an orgasm! Mensch, behave yourself..............stop acting like you have a vagina or something..............

    LOL! An OARgasm! My goodness, you are relentless. Now you are just mocking us multi-orgasmic women. You are just jealous because all men can do is "nut"!

    J/K. See you later.
    Mensch59 replied to An_213168's response:
    My greatest pleasure is making my woman multi-orgasmic and I love savoring the body and parts of my love as much as anyone here.
    Actually I have heard of an orgasm compared to a sneeze as a type of nervous system response. Many people write about the the fine line between pain and pleasure that is crossed all the time (not my personal style, btw). Orgasms in 2 places for sure. multiple, defintely. but at the same time? the body can only take so much.

    I think every man would love to have a vagina for just one day to feel what it is really like for you.

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