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    Squirting, is it real?
    An_213188 posted:
    My husband wants me to squirt for him. We've tried, but, no luck so far. We've watched many pornos, and we can't make it work.

    I cum a lot during sex, but it mainly just oozes from me. He loves that, and licks me clean when I cum, but, he wants me to squirt.

    We've used all the toys to stimulate the g spot,,,,but, all i do is ooze. The orgasm's are fantastic,,,,as I've been able to be multi-orgasmatic now, which is great,,,but no squirting.

    Some say the videos are just women peeing,,,,but, i've read in reputable magazines and articles where women can truly squirt.

    Any advice or comments are appreciated.
    triplethreat10 responded:
    it may take several times but it will happen...sounds like you are cumming a lot so squirting should happen
    Mensch59 replied to triplethreat10's response:
    I have no medical credentials, but until maybe 20 years ago there was no such thing as squirting in porn videos nor was it commonly discussed.
    In other words careful about "should happen". I'm not sure if every woman can squirt, so she think she is somehow flawed because she does not. It's really not a big deal. Good, happy fun orgasms are what matter and she's doing just fine it seems.
    fcl replied to Mensch59's response:
    I agree - be careful with what you assert. Saying that it should happen is like saying every woman should be able to orgasm without clitoral stimulation ... That kind of remark simply serves to make those who can't feel bad and their partners worse because they can't "give" them these things ...
    Cat78fish responded:
    I'm not sure I would worry about this if I were you. Statistically only 14% of the women that are able to have this type of orgasm actually have an FE (female ejaculation) so the number is relatively small. I would just enjoy the fact that your multi-orgasmic. To me, there's no such thing as a bad orgasm no matter how you get it!!!!

    Right now, I'm going solo as my husband has lost all interest in sex. I would just be glad for a little more excitement in my life. Masturbation gets kind of boring after awhile even though I've done it a number of different ways. I miss the sex life we used to have.
    tmlmtlrl responded:
    It is real -- female ejaculation. It didn't happen to me until I was 32 yrs old. I understand you want to do it for your husband, but trying to make it happen is probably not going to help you. Let's see.......thinking of advice here......I suppose one thing would be not to be working the g-spot because the 'squirting' comes from your urethra and if something is in you your urethra is blocked. I would say multiple multiple clitoral orgasms til you about can't handle it...and a combination of tilting your pelvis and actually pushing might help.
    I don't know if this can actually be forced. I have had a LOT of incredible being with guys for years at a time where they knew what buttons to push and I had never experienced that. It actually freaked me out when it did happen! You can try relax, tilt, and push. I guess if you are going to try to force it then you should be prepared to accidently pee.
    But yeah, enjoy what you have going on. You are fortunate. Keep up your sexual explorations and maybe it'll just happen.
    Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH responded:
    Yes, some women do "squirt" but it doesn't necessarily seem that all women can or do. In fact, the majority probably do not. So, I would suggest to your husband that he appreciate your body and your sexuality and your sexual response for what they are rather than trying to achieve something else. Trying to make you squirt would be like trying to teaching him to ejaculate at a faster speed. He may be able to, but it's unlikely. You may squirt one day, too, but maybe not. Many videos look high and wide to find actresses who can do that for the videos but many women never do.
    undefined responded:
    Well, hun I am a squirter. I have been able to before I even started having sex so I know it really has nothing to do with what you do to yourself. Yet in the same token, I was never able to actually do it during sex until years after I lost my virginity and met my boyfriend. In my option your husband should be happy as you are because its hard enough cumming multiple times. As far as squirting goes... it is not pee, it is not all that fun (and Tully makes a mess), and its all natural. You can not force yourself to do it honestly. I wouldn't call squirting normal because not every woman can do it. In my honest opinion, squirting is nothing but Tully scattered down cum. But before me and my boyfriend have sex, I drink a lot off water BC squirting takes a lot of liquids out of you. That might help. Most squirters, I included, can't tell weather they are horny or have to pee because it can go both ways honestly. That is a key sign if you are a true squirted whether you have done it or not. So if that does not apply to you then you might not be able to squirt.

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