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    How to Clean Sex Toys
    Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH posted:
    Research conducted by our team at Indiana University has found that about 53% of women (and nearly half of men) ages 18 to 60 have used a vibrator. Given how mainstream these products are, just how should they be cleaned?

    Most toys can be cleaned with soap and water or with a special sex toy cleaner. However, you'll want to be sure to keep water away from any vibrating motors and/or battery compartments, including small crevices in the toys that might leak water to these parts.

    Glass dildos and vibrators are among the easiest to clean as they are non-porous. Medical grade silicone toys are also easy to keep clean for similar reasons. Again, soap and water (or a sex toy cleaner) are often adequate.

    Toys made of porous materials - such as soft Jelly materials - can be more difficult to keep clean as germs may get inside these more porous products. You can still use soap and water to clean most toys; however, you may find that taking an extra precaution to put a condom over the toy before using it may help you to feel more confident. Then, when you're done using it, just throw the condom away and clean as usual.

    To learn more about sex toy cleaning, check out my book "Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure & Satisfaction", the book "Moregasm" or talk to the store or person who sold you the toy.
    An_213294 responded:
    I was wondering about sterilizing in bowling water and which materials are safe for this method of cleaning?

    My "Dandy LION" *giggle* (aka dildo, but don't care for the word?) is made of the soft Jelly material and I didn't know if I need to worry about toxins being released, melting or other problems by cleaning in a pot of bowling water?

    Also, this Jelly material picks up hair, fuzz and everything else. What is the easiest way to get this off because soap and water are not working? I would use the condom method, but allergic to latex
    Would love any suggestions. Thanks!
    An_213295 responded:
    Are there any special sort of soaps I should use on my toys? Also what about storing them? I sometimes keep mine in a drawer and clean them before and after usage, will cleaning my toys too much cause problems?
    WakeboardGirl replied to An_213294's response:
    Yes!!!! Just as your face, clothes, hair and dishes all require specialized soaps, so do your sex toys! Look for something called "safe and clean" at any sex shop or Pjur Med Clean, my personal favorite, although a tad pricier at .
    Shelly_Kaye responded:
    I have heard that you shouldn't leave your batteries in your vibrators. Is this true and why?
    alaska_mommy replied to Shelly_Kaye's response:
    Probably just so the batteries don't run down. I have a particular vibe that sucks the juice out if I leave them in the vibe while it's off.
    gettysburgstudent responded:
    Hello, I'm an 18 almost 19 year old male college student. I'm reallly shy and a virgin because of my shyness. I have not done either oral or vaginal sex, but I was thinking about sex toys but was a little nervous even thinking about it, I'm not affiliated with religion at all i'm just nervous about sex toys, and am I loving myself too much If I am masturbating about 4-5 times daily? after the second or third time, I get this weird sensation in my rear end after I ejaculate sometimes painful ! It's all too weird, would a sex toy help with that?
    alicesa responded:
    Me and my partner love using sex toys we use them so often it is very very important to clean them. Thanks for your advice will give it a try.
    wonderingaboutthis replied to alicesa's response:
    Here's something we do on occasion to really clean our toys well. - put them in our dishwasher! Instead of using Cascade, we put the antibacterial "SoftSoap" in the soap thingy. Also, make sure the "extra hot cycle" button isn't pushed or you could open the dishwasher to find your soft toys melted into a puddle.

    We've found the dishwasher doesn't harm any of the soft silicone or rubber toys, and most of her vibrators are waterproof for use in the bathtub, etc. and have stood up to a dozen trips through the dishwasher.

    We've got dozens of anal, vaginal, g-spot, and other toys, and just running a cycle cleans them all at once without having to spend an hour at the sink.

    I suppose if you're a little squeamish about putting things that have been in people's butts in your dishwasher, you might not like this idea, but if you really think it through, the dishwasher and the anti-bacterial soap pretty much sterilizes both the toys and itself during thje cycle anyway. And no, we don;t run the toys in the same load as our dishes If it does bother you that bad, you could always run the toys and then another extra hot cycle with Cascade (which contains bleach)afterwards in an empty dishwasher.

    Works for us!
    wonderingaboutthis replied to wonderingaboutthis's response:
    Oh, and by the way, make sure to remove them right away afterwards to avoid the embarrassment of having friends come over and being nice by putting their coffee cups in the dishwasher for you, only to find your whole stash of bedroom tyos staring them in the face....
    DonnaDLivengood replied to wonderingaboutthis's response:
    With any sex toy, make sure that you store it in a cool, dry area. Avoid direct sunlight and always remove the batteries prior to storing.More tips here: adult sex toys shop

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