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    The day after I have sex/masterbate I have a seizure the next day everytime! Whats the deal here?
    cumngetit posted:
    This have happened for years now and I can't figure out why. Your probably thinking I'm straining so hard that my eyes bugg out, that's not what I'm doing. I take my time
    Another thing that causes a seizure the same way is if I am in a hurry riding my bicycle quickly. So I started taking slow and deep breaths during these activities and it doesn't seem to help any.
    Do you have any ideas? I'm not going to bring this up to the dr.
    3point14 responded:
    You are insane not to bring up seizures to a doctor. What are you paying your doctor for, if not to help you with big problems? It seems like it's not caused by sex, just strenuous activity if it happens because of other things, too. So maybe tell your Doc that it's caused by strenuous activity initially, and then get into specifics if you feel more comfortable.

    Nobody here can make a diagnosis. You didn't even say what gender you are, and nobody here knows a whit about your neurological history. Honestly, it's probably not a seizure, unless a doctor has seen it and diagnosed it as such. A seizure is a neurological function, where are something that would be exacerbated by strain would be more likely to be respiration or cadiac related. Good luck, and see a doctor.
    cumngetit replied to 3point14's response:
    The seizures are not really triggered by strenuous activity because I go to the gym four days a week and lift weights, and I can lift many pounds. I also run two miles right after my workout and a seizure doesn't occur. Believe this or not but before I had a temporal lobectomy (brain surgury) my seizures seemed to be triggered by tones and sounds. After the surgery that doesn't seem to happen.
    Mensch59 replied to cumngetit's response:
    Only YOUR neurologist and neurosurgeon are qualified to answer your questions. With seizure disorders, each person is different and you must work with people who know YOU. Nobody can give you even the most basic answers..
    cumngetit replied to Mensch59's response:
    Ok, I'll try and get the nerve to ask them here on my next appointment. I'm sure my face is going to turn a little red on this one.
    elle0317 replied to cumngetit's response:
    This is nothing to be embarrassed about and I'm sure the Dr's had heard/seen worse things.
    fcl replied to cumngetit's response:
    It doesn't matter how red your face turns because asking about and discussing this with your doc could save your life . Bring it up from the biking point of view and then casually add the sexual angle once you have the ball rolling.

    Keep us posted, will you?
    Mensch59 replied to cumngetit's response:
    I was once in love with a girl with seizure disorder and she was FANTASTIC in bed. Nonetheless, sex is an intense activity and I am surprised your doc didn't bring up the subject first.
    Actually she only had 1 petite mal seizure in all the times we made love and I would have never known it if she hadn't told me. Her orgasms were so intense.
    georgiagail responded:
    Your first step would be to determine whether what you are experiencing are actual seizures. For that, you need to discuss your symptoms with your physician and perhaps undergo some testing.

    cumngetit replied to Mensch59's response:
    My seizures are considered mild petitemal seizures. Most of the time I can have a seizure and no one even notices it. If I have one and people freak out and surround me then they get bigger.
    One of my girlfriends I use to have told me in the middle of sex I had a seizure and the fell asleep after. She also told me I was still in her!

    Thanks for your suggestions
    michealbol responded:
    Hi I have a same problem from many years. Its completely same. Please tell me what did you do to get rid of this. I am getting so many problems in my life because of this. Thanks.
    cumngetit replied to michealbol's response:
    I never did get rid of this, I'm 38 years old and it still happens. I have tried to take long, slow deep breaths throughout the activity and it still happens. I am not being strenuous during it either. I thought I was told by someone once that lack of oxygen to the brain causes seizures that what gave me this idea. I'm just lucky my seizures are just petimal and not grandmal seizures.
    preciouspn responded:
    get grand mals like 5-7 days after masturbating during my sleep
    georgiagail replied to preciouspn's response:
    Been checked out by a Neurologist for these?

    It's unlikely the masturbating has anything to do with the seizures.

    cumngetit replied to georgiagail's response:
    I was always wondering if it would somehow flush my medication out of my system. The other thing is that here lately the doctor says my medicine causes my sodium level to go low in my system I wonder if that has somthing to do with it.

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