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    Unable to reach orgasm
    An_214917 posted:
    I am unable to reach orgasm. I haven't ever been able to on my own or with my current boyfriend of two years. I realize that there may be various factors causing. It's probably the only problem I have in my relationship. My boyfriend is very supportive and willing to try anything but we get so frustrated sometimes because nothing seems to work. Since I haven't been able to reach orgasm through masterbation, he needs to realize he's not to blame. I'm only eighteen but do you think I should consult with my doctor or gyno about this? I worry that I'll never be able to have an orgasm, is that possible?
    An_214918 responded:
    Lots of foreplay with oral, try a vibrator, if you haven't alraedy
    realist185 responded:
    You might want to check with your doctor just to make sure there's not an obvious physical reason.

    Otherwise, I'd suggest not trying so hard for it. Find some things that feel good to you, and just relax and enjoy them, with no pressure for either one of you to climax. Take it slow and easy, and enjoy the sensations you are having. (This may work better if your boyfriend comes first, then he can concentrate on you and you don't have to worry about pleasing him). You may even want to make a promise that you WON'T climax, even if you feel close to it.

    Also try at different times of the month. I find that near the time I'm ovulating (2 wks before my period starts) is the time it's easiest for me to orgasm, and they're the strongest.
    Dick912 responded:
    It may take time and a lot of practice on your party and your bf's part. A lot of simulation with a soft, gentle action vibrator or gentle rubbing with a finger will be the best way to get you there. I have found a way to simulate a clit with my finger that has worked on every woman I have tried it on. It took a lot of practice.

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