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    Butt to mouth
    An_215235 posted:
    So i notice in porns that lots of girls will go straight from the butt and put it in their mouth while the guy comes. Im curious as to how they go about cleaning themselves out for this practice to be safe. My girlfriend very much enjoys my juice and likes it in her rear and were wondering what can be done to make the paractice of butt to mouth a safe tradition in our household.
    elle0317 responded:
    There is no safe way to do this without a condom, otherwise, every time there is a chance of her getting very, very sick. The hookers in porno are paid to do these acts and those type of girls are so emotionally broken that they will do anything, including putting their own health at risk, to please a man and make money.

    Why not wear a condom (which you should be doing anyway during anal for your own health) while having anal then remove the condom just before you finish. You can clean an anus all day and you will still find traces of fecal matter and harmful bacteria.
    3point14 replied to elle0317's response:
    Actuallly that kind of stuff is the result of editing in porn rather than "emotional broken"ness. Uusally what they don't show is the man cleaning his penis between anal and oral. Porn is, whatever else your opinion of it is, movie-making. If you've ever been on a porn set, it's actually very sterile.

    To the OP: clean yourself off. Make it a part of the sex act, use a warm towel and soapy water. Have her clean you off, even, and then go for her mouth.
    elle0317 replied to 3point14's response:
    I guess you haven't seen any recent ATM movies then. Yes, when they first started making those types of moves they did it mostly through editing, but the demand for more depravity has changed that. Producers will now actually boast or advertise about having ATM that is not edited.
    3point14 replied to elle0317's response:
    Well, my ATM movie study has taken a backseat (no pun intended) lately, and I guess I've been slacking in "depravity" studies as well. So thanks for the info, but I think I'll believe what I've seen firsthand.
    hairyd responded:
    Staying healthy should be considered in all sexual postion. Therefore with your girlfriend you may want to use a condom. A warm towel and her using soapy hot water on my penis could cause me to eject.

    You are aware couples are now tongue in anus, rimming.
    They are thinking the bacteria in your mouth are more powerful than the feces.
    An_215236 replied to hairyd's response:
    Thats interesting......."more bacteria in mouth than in or around the anus" Where did you get this info from? Who are the "they"? I dont know if my girlfriend would buy that arguement without being able to back it up. I'll run it by her and see if it works........
    longduckdong46 replied to An_215236's response:

    I am a big fan of HairyD's, but please keep in mind that he does enjoy his whiskey sours.

    However with that said I am no authority on the issue, but I'm pretty certain if you subscribed to Hairy's theory there would be a whole lot less kissing going on.
    An_215237 responded:
    Why couldn't you just pull out of her butt and shoot into her mouth, without your penis actually touching her mouth or lips? Seems like this would not spread any germs.
    An_215238 replied to An_215236's response:
    I'm just curious but, if your gf asked you to use your fingers in her rear then put them in your mouth and suck everything off would you do that?

    If the answer is no then maybe you should re-consider asking her to do that to you.

    If the answer is yes then maybe you should do that and show her that you won't get sick.
    An_215239 replied to An_215238's response:
    this is something that we "both" want to do and are looking for a safe way to carry on with it. My fingers in her rear and then my mouth is not something we "both" want to do. I dont even think its something she would want, but ill run it by her just to find out.
    elle0317 replied to An_215237's response:
    You may be forgetting that there is a hole at the end of a penis, a hole that bacteria can get inside of. If he is ejaculating into her mouth, where do you think the bacteria will end up?

    As I said before, there is no absolute safe way to do this without a condom or some serious interuption to pull out and wash before she takes it orally.
    mike9fa replied to 3point14's response:
    lol you obviously havnt watched much porn. im sure in some they clean it. but there are a ridiculous amount of pornos that they dont do any cleaning. in fact in so many group pornos the girls mouth will be right next to another girls ass and it goes straight from ass to mouth. im sure the porno sets are sterile but i do videography at uni and i know for a fact that most pornos do not edit or cut the sequence of video to clean the dudes dick. most of thm just use cheap cams and cheap editing.
    ourmanintokyo replied to elle0317's response:
    While I do understand that you find actresses in the X-rated film community threatening, referring to them all as "hookers" and "emotionally broken" (and, oddly, not the men), is rude stereotyping that I and many others find extremely offensive.

    Your post says much more about your own faults than theirs.
    ourmanintokyo replied to An_215236's response:
    He's correct.

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