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    how can i get husband to stay erect after his orgasm??
    luvmy2babiesmuch posted:
    My husband is great in bed, loved foreplay, and we have sex about every night. I love sex, and will do every and anything to please him. I have lately lost about 15 lbs, and feel better about myself, and have a new hunger for sex, lots of it, and longer sex. I figure, You only live once..why not get all you can out of it? My husband and I will do anything, oral, anal, and anything else we can think of, except 3 somes- the only problem is: after he ejaculates, he becomes flacid, and is physically and emotionally "through". I orgasm, and consider the sex great, but have heard of these men taht can do it after orgasm for an hour or longer- how can my husband do that? I don't want to masterbate after real sex,, it's just not great or even good after having real sex, to use an object. I've read that he can masterbate beforehand, but don't think he would either do it, or would have any intentions of having sex with me, after he just got off... any ideas/?
    kemlatak responded:
    There is an Asian technique called as a multiple orgasm technique. So, you will have more than once orgasm without ejaculate. It can be reached by certain exercise called yoga or something called "kegel" or so. I forget the exact technique name, I will get back once I got from my files.

    Good luck
    fcl responded:
    Google "Tantric sex". It takes a LOT of work and it may not be possible for all men. Your husband might find it easier to bring you to the brink of orgasm before entering you.
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    ohiodad responded:
    I have been practicing the male multiple orgasm technique for a few yrs now. With sex and when I masterbate. The partners I have had all comment on how much they enjoy it and many have asked for my to "ejaculate" already. I still have not mastered it and still struggle with holding my erection throughout the session.

    Have your husband do male keagles. Please excuse my description but tell him its tightening the muscle makes the rectum pucker.

    Practice by having him masterbate and taking himself to the point right before he orgasms but then stops, squeezes his penis at the base and clinches his rectum. When he gets really good at this he can use his other hand to play with the tip. This also can be a great couple thing to do but he has to keep the goal in mind and let you know exactly what point he is at.

    To practice during sex, when he feels he is too close for another "stroke", he needs to pull out and hold, even with his hand if must. He can even go down on you while he works through the hold and pressure if he is good at multitasking(my person favorite). Or he can thrust deep and hold. Dig ur finger tips into his shoulders and back to help him focus on the pain, and it is painful....but in a good way.

    Walking and biking works the muscle great. He can even do reps driving to work or even sitting at his desk or watching tv.

    Cheer him him ur appreciation for his efforts. Make him feel special.

    Now women, there is something you can also do. Practice your keagles as well. When he goes deep to hold through an orgasm, clinch down on his penis but don't move, use your heels to hold him deep by pressing on his butt(if in the missionary position). Be patient for god sake, let him take time to sweat through the hold. This is not an easy task especially when we are inside such beautiful creatures

    I hope this helps
    02PrettyThing02 responded:
    When my husband wants to be able to last all night, he either pulls out and shoots on my stomach or I will give him head swallowing his junk. I am involved in this, honestly it depends on what I feel like doing. But if he pulls out make sure your hand is holding and playing with his dick while he squirts.
    j5dc2 responded:
    2 guys can't keep up with you ha!! I was looking the post below you posted on the other board. This is only portion of it. luvmy2babiesmuch posted: [TRIGGER> I feel so bad cheating on my husband, but then again, i love it.. not what it would ever do if he found out, but the other man.. i'm in love with him. he works with my husband, and at first he would just call and talk to me, and he would compliment me, and say how he wished he had what my husband had... then after 4 months of talking, it became physical. i have to admit, he just makes me feel so good. been with husband for 22 yrs, and this guy says and does all of the things that husband doesn't. i love sex, and would have it every day of husband would, but he's good at once a week, or once every 2 weeks. he has never given me any affection, and this guy always compliments me, and goes on and on about how gorgeous and petoite, and good looking i am. he loves holding my hand, and hugs me so good. every time i see him, he grabs me, and picks me up, and i wrap my legs around him, from day one, he gives the most amazing hugs.
    Jean2484 replied to 02PrettyThing02's response:
    Waste of time... But love you though cuz u patient
    An_266922 responded:
    There is an effective medicine that can cure erectile dysfunction and manage the symptoms without dangerous side effects. Read this article to know how to manage ED
    aroz21 responded:
    He has to want to go extar rounds, sounds like he's content with being one and done. Also he can learn to pull out every now and then when the feeling gets too sensitive. Also right before orgasms, if he stops and just tries his hardest to hold it in he will stay hard even if there is a little ejaculation.
    TXMan replied to 02PrettyThing02's response:
    I wife gives great oral sex...i will stop her right before I cum, then i can insert in her for at least 20 minutes
    TXMan replied to aroz21's response:
    That's what i wife will give me oral and just before I orgasm, i stop her and i stay hard for 15 to 20 minutes

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