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    Vasectomy Aftermath
    An_243373 posted:
    Ok, so i had a vasectomy last june. I am in the military and was deployed when i had the surgery done, since i have returned i have noticed that no mater how hard my wife tries i simply am not sexually satisfied. Additionally on occasion i have an "ache" in both of my testicles after intercourse that mimics "blue balls". Can anyone shed some light on these subjects for me? Thank you for your time.

    georgiagail responded:
    Did you masturbate quite a bit when you and your wife were separated during the deployment? If so, perhaps you became used to the tighter sensation that a hand provides and can no longer respond to the less intense stimulation during intercourse.

    You have what is known as "blue balls" for the same reason you had it prior to your vasectomy.

    hairyd responded:
    You are not giving us all the information. Are you have a organism, but needing more. Or you not able to eject your fluilds

    Did you have any type of sex during your deployment? WE know you would have masturbated. Are you able to be fully satisfied with you hands.

    I would see a doctor. My thought is your not releasing all of your semen. Can you advise how long your state of arousal and you lenght of you intercourse. A full exam can check the
    blood flows to your penis and your testicles, which causing them to swell. Then if you do not fuly ejaculate, there is a buildup of pressure and your penis and supersensitive balls feel the brunt of it. This may be caused by the surgery; which can be corrected. Also the sensation of the head of the penis is differant you may want to use extra lubications. I had the sensation of blue balls as a youth. Worse-than-getting-kicked-in-the-crotch pain. Therefore see a doctor for treatment. You need to make up for the loving you missed when deployed. Keep us posted.
    Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.
    Rick_Larabee replied to hairyd's response:
    First off, I am sorry for taking so long to reply.

    I am having orgasm and ejaculation, but am needing more with-in a short period of time. I did masturbate quite a bit during my deployment, but did not have any sex until i returned.
    hairyd replied to Rick_Larabee's response:
    Rick, It's normal for a healthy male to want more sex. If you give your prostate gland and balls time to replace the fluild. Drink plenty of fuilds. You may be low in before each ejaculation. This will cause the boys to hurt.

    I am also wanting more sex; Some men are more horny than others. If anything is REAL GOOD you always want more, more, and then some more.

    Why count? Enjoy every orgasm. I am sure she is also enjoy having your penis back Home.

    WE appreciate your deployment service. Our country is a Great Nation because men that give their time and lives to their country.

    Masturbating is healthy anytime.. Your body and mind needed this attentation during your deployment. So continue on. You have a healthy sex drive, therefore enjoy each orgasm - ejaculate. Then enjoy the next orgasm. Maybe your be satified when your eighty.
    Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.
    jss123 responded:

    I had a vasectomy (non-scalpel) last October.
    I think I have similar symptoms to you in some ways.

    Its like your testicles don't get the release they used to when having an orgasm so you aren't completely satisfied.
    Resulting sometimes in sore testicles afterwards.

    I'm definitely hornier as a result of this.
    I wake up (almost always) with an erection like I'm a teenager again. (I'm 41).

    Orgasms (to me) also feel a little different now. Not weaker, just different. The weird thing is the volume of semen I ejaculate seems to have increased quite a bit (and not decreased as I would have expected).

    I have to masturbate a lot to supplement sex to keep myself satisfied as my wife's sex drive at the moment is nowhere near mine.

    Don't know if this helps.
    MJTII responded:
    I thought it was just me. I am exactly the same way. Before the vas I was able to feel satisfied after intercourse. Now I never feel satisfied, even after masturbation. Sure I ejaculate, but I stay aroused. Of course I lose the erection, but that's it. My vas was five years ago. I've masturbated many times in a day before just to see and it doesn't matter. You might think this is a good thing, but its really not. The "blue balls" analogy is right on. Even If I have intercourse its like all that ever happens is foreplay.

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