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    Am i weird
    An_210691 posted:
    i was wanting to know if it was normal for a straight man to enjoy having anal sex performed on him me and my girlfriend have been experimenting and i find it enjoyable
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    MinxieMurder responded:
    no i dont think youre weird for that. many guys find it pleasurable. youre only "gay" when you want an emotional relationship with another man. you have nothing to worry about (:
    FCL responded:
    Being gay is about WHO you love not HOW you love.
    An_210692 responded:
    It's not abnormal at all!

    I'm a bisexual female (married to a straight male) and I enjoy anal sex more than vaginal sex.

    My husband caught me off-guard one night when he said that if I had *this* much pleasure with anal, then *he* wanted to try it too. After "equipping" ourselves, he was able to experience a pleasurable night.

    The funny part is that now we fight over who gets to bottom! ;-)
    chilihot88 responded:
    I happen to think it is very gay to have anal sex as a man and enjoy it it doesn't matter who does it to you whether a man or a woman...if you enjoy with a woman you will enjoy with a man
    Elle0317 replied to chilihot88's response:
    FCL is right on the button with this. I enjoy anal sex with a man but it doesn't mean I would enjoy it with a woman. In fact, chilihot88, there are some gay men out there who do NOT engage in anal sex. They prefer oral or manual stimulation instead, does that mean you receiving a BJ from a woman is a 'gay' act too? But if you enjoy it, you will enjoy from any gender?? right?
    An_210693 responded:
    i say if you enjoy it then do it. it's not a matter of bisexual or gay. you do what you like.
    An_210694 replied to An_210692's response:
    Lot and Lot of lube right.. what's your ages question for your husband did it hurt much the first time if so, how do you get pass the PAIN!.. how many years married.. Wife.. what did you think when he asked you to do that...
    An_210695 responded:
    Are there not any women who would be shocked or grossed out by their husband asking them to do this. I know I would never be able to do that. My husband is not the type to want this either though thank God.
    moe4191 replied to An_210695's response:
    Anon-59159, please don't be shocked, talk to your husband. This is prostate massage and gives the male a great climax(Orgasm)

    try it . he will love you.
    ttj2031 replied to Elle0317's response:
    There is a huge difference receiving a BJ from a woman and having an article or a penis shoved up your butt. Elle0317 that is completely different. but that's one opinion. As far as I'm concern the anus is reserved for exiting not entering. I definetly agree with chilihot88.
    An_210696 replied to An_210692's response:
    Just a thought..... in stead of fighting over it lol why don't you just both get a toy and 69 then you can give each other oral and anal at the same time :)
    anon_123 responded:
    I dont think this is weird.
    I have heard of plenty of women who use a finger or something in a mans anus while giving oral sex. I HEARD it is like a double orgasm.
    I say heard because I have never tried it with my hubby. It's not that I wouldn't, just that I haven't. ;)
    An_210697 responded:
    my ex gf used to finger my butt while she was giving me a bj and when i was ready too nut in her mouth she put it half the way in and i nutted like a rocket..if you never have that done you dont know what u been u are not weird..
    tx2010 replied to LoveMyGuy's response:
    I love wife fingers me when we are having on the other hand i have given some thought to a real penis...she asked me if i would and i said it would have to be someone i found attractive...i am not gay either but having anal the best way should be done

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