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    netsurfer2 posted:
    My wife doesn't turn me on anymore.

    My wife is very conservative, had an idea in her own ways and doesn't turn me on anymore.

    She just recently found out that her father has a lump on his lung and has transferred all the aggression towards me on such. She never thinks of me and only them.

    What do I do?
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    lovemyladyalways responded:
    Very tough to answer since I am not a medical person. You probably don't need our sympathies either but still wishing
    things work out for you. Try talking to your doctor, he most likely can show you a way or follow up with someone who can help
    you cope with a changing situation in your life. Good Luck.
    nohard responded:
    Hi Well you either try and support her, if she will let you?

    Or tell her, till she changes your taking a break for 6 months and let her sort her thoughts out.

    See what she thinks, it may bring her to her senses about you. Are you prepared to do this?

    Its a scare tactics, if it does not work take the 6 months, with no contact.

    Cant think what else you can try, if she's strong minded as from what your saying, I don't think counselling will help.

    But these are just my thoughts.

    Good Luck

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    dfromspencer responded:
    Wow, if she just found this out about her father, she is probably expecting you to support her? Even if you have to be her sounding board, do it?! This is what a marriage is for, your support, and her support, you support each other!

    You must have known how your future wife would behave from all of your dating, and even seeing how her family lived, right? You say she is conservative, does that mean no skirt above the knee? Keep knees firmly pressed together? That kind of conservative, or the political side?

    Like I said, you had to of known her before you married her, so you should have known this is what you get? You can't cheat on her! Especially right now that she has found out her daddy might be dying? She needs you, she needs you now, more than any other time in her life! Be there for her, for her whole family if that is what it takes? Put your feelings of sex behind you for the time being. Your wife needs you to be strong for her right now!!!

    Hey, sorry for the lecture! I hope you see where you need to place yourself? You know, at your wifes side? Hold her hand, squeeze it from time to time so she knows you still care? Sit down with her, and just hold her. Don't make any sexual moves on her, just let her know you are there for her.

    Who knows, once daddy is out of the picture, your wife may loosen up in time? She may come to love you more because you were there for her? Just be prepared to take this to the end, and then some? Once she has grieved her loss, she may be very horny? Who knows?

    Remember, this is about her at the moment. Time will tell, don't you think?

    I wish you the best!!!

    afleckjude responded:
    You must talk to your wife and show your love to her.

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