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    Think More Sex Will Make You Happier? Think Again
    atti_editor posted:
    "Despite what many may think, getting a little more active between the sheets isn't a path to more h appiness, a new study suggests.

    The study from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh included 128 married, heterosexual couples, aged 35 to 65. All were randomly assigned to either double the amount of sex they had each week or to have their usual amount of sex.

    Researchers then tracked the couples' happiness over three months using online questionnaires.

    According to the researchers, people who had more sex were not happier than those who had their usual amount of sex. Instead, the study found, the couples who had more sex actually had a small decrease in happiness."

    Read the article above for more information on why researchers think this might be.

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    nohard responded:
    Hi For me this is old news it come up in the UK's Daily mail about 3 days ago and this is how I answered it then.
    Of cause there not happy there just doing because they were told to, then that's not the way it works then, having sex 3 to 4 times a week is very good for you both, and you do that because you like doing it, not because you were told to, and this makes a very big difference, For those of us who can, just keep doing it, its very good for you both. and were 68 or nearly there.

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    queston responded:
    This is dumb. Of course it's not going to make you happier if you're doing it for artificial reasons. (Like, because someone run I a study said you had to.)

    I'd like to see data with cross-references various indicators of happiness with (self-selected) frequency of sex for married couples.

    When I was first diagnosed with chronic prostatitis (in my early 40s), I learned that regular ejaculations helps to keep that condition in check. For a short period of time, my wife obliged, although her libido was on the decline at the time due to peri menopause and other relationship issues. It didn't last for long--sex that feels like a chore is pretty darn unsexy (not only for her--for me as well.)

    But sex that both of you are having because you want to? I bet that correlates pretty strongly with happiness, although I hesitate to guess which is the cause and which is the effect.

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