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    What is yeast infection symptoms and how to cure it?
    deline80 posted:
    I read on this web and I think I have symptoms of yeast infection... and it's getting worst now. How to get rid of this ? is there any alternative way to cure this ? I've tried antibiotic but didn't work so well
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    hootenlinda responded:
    I had this irritating problem about 6 months a go and we have same symptoms, maybe for about 5 months I struggle using antibiotic like diflucan, but seems not getting better they keep coming back again until I used alternative way which more healthy and permanent, now I 'm free from yeast infection and do you will know how easy to cure it by following this Guidance .
    nohard responded:
    Hi Two ways you can go are over the counter drugs, or the are some natural remedies, try these links for helps and not a drug in site.
    Do hope you find the help you want.

    Good Luck

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    georgiagail replied to nohard's response:
    "I've tried antibiotic but didn't work so well"

    The reason an antibiotic didn't work "so well" is that a yeast infection is a fungal infection, not a bacterial infection. Thus, an antibiotic is useless the treat this.

    Are you even certain this is a yeast infection or are you guessing? "Thinking" you have one and then "trying" an antibiotic isn't working so well for you, is it.

    If a true yeast infection, there are effective over the counter treatments for this.

    Get an accurate diagnosis first and then you can get the accurate treatment for whatever is the cause of your symptoms.

    rohvannyn responded:
    If you do have a yeast infection, which usually causes itching and sometimes a strong smelling discharge, it's treatable. You can start by using an over the counter yeast infection cream. Make sure you take the whole course, and also wash your clothes in hot water (with bleach for those clothes that can handle it) or you run the risk of reinfecting yourself.

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