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    Tips on Lubricant Use
    Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH posted:
    Many people have questions about how to use lubricant for more comfortable, pleasurable sex. Here are some tips you might consider:

    1. Choose the right lubricant for the right situation. Water-based lubricant and silicone-based lubricant are well suited for latex condoms (oil-based products, such as olive oil, oil-based lubricants or massage oil can cause latex condoms to tear). Silicone-based lubricants are better suited for sex play in the bath, shower or hot tub as water-based lubricants will wash away.

    2. Apply the lubricant to your or your partner's fingertips for more careful application and less chance of spilling it onto the bed or floor.

    3. Next, use your or your partner's fingers to apply the lubricant to the parts that need to 'fit together" well, such as around a woman's vaginal opening or on a man's penis. If you're using lubricant for sex toy play, consider applying some lubricant to the sex toy as well.

    4. Water-based lubricant is easily absorbed into the body, so if sex goes on for some time, water-based lubricant may need to be re-applied. Small dabs of water can also help to re-activate the lubricant.

    You can learn more about different lubricant types and how to use them for different types of sex (e.g., oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, sex toy play, with or without condoms, in the shower or bath) in Because It Feels Good: A Woman's Guide to Sexual Pleasure or Satisfaction.
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    An_210644 responded:
    I have sensitive skin and my boyfriend and I used a water-based lubricant and I got a terrible yeast infection from using it. What NATURAL lubricants would you recommend for someone with very very sensitive skin/body? I'm very sensitive to many products. I was wondering if cooking oil, Vaseline, and baby oil be used as a lubricant. I would like to use something when my BF and I have sex, otherwise I get dry and it HURTS for days. It's annoying.
    elle0317 replied to An_210644's response:
    You probably would want the Glycerin & Paraben free lubricant, Astroglide has a line of these. I've never had problems with their regular lube so I haven't tried the Glycerin free one yet. They offer free samples too, click the link to try
    An_210645 replied to elle0317's response:
    Thanks I hope I find something that won't put me out/hurt me for days on end.....ugh!
    alaska_mommy replied to An_210645's response:
    My DH and I use coconut oil because all the regular lubes were too irritating for us. My OB/GYN recommended it. I just picked one that looked really natural and all---organic, non-hydrogenated, etc. and it's been great, no reactions, no infections, and it smells and tastes good too. It comes in a soft-solid form and then melts at body temperature. Great for massage too.
    roccosbaby responded:
    My boyfriend likes blow jobs but I find the smell of my own spit after it dries when I go down on him too much to bear and I am not able to perform well on him. This leaves him very frustrated. I decided to use an edible flavored oil based lubricant on him to help me with the smell and taste. The taste was too much to take after a while and i felt like throwing up but the smell factor was resolved. The worst part was he felt like he lost sensation in his penis which caused him longer to climax. Also the lubricant ended up getting too sticky and it was a total messy and frustrating experience. I have a a very sensitive nose with regards to smell and a very sensitive tongue with regards to taste. He wants to watch me go down on him so its not even possible for me to show him im enjoying it as my reaction to the smell shows its effects on my facial expressions.

    What are the best natural herbal lubricants out there that can help me with taste, smell, mess and no side effects to his sensation? I would really like to be able to satisfy him and watch him enjoy sex and watch me enjoy sex with him.

    Please help.
    Thank you.
    alaska_mommy replied to roccosbaby's response:
    Hmm that's funny I don't care for the smell of my own spit either.
    Ever tried coconut oil? I've mentioned it in other posts. It's not condom-compatible, but I find it nice tasting, nice smelling, although a little greasy. Shouldn't alter his sensation. Give it a was recommended to me by my OB/GYN.
    An_210646 responded:
    Good Afternoon Dr. Herbenick, I wanted to ask the following question?

    Is there something that I can do or consume, in order to increase a larger amount of semen?

    Thank you Dr. Herbenick.
    60something responded:
    I like KY Intrigue for masturbation (male) as it doesn't dry out and allows for a longer session without adding more, but it tends to leave an oily mark on the sheets. Astroglide X is nearly as good and doesn't seem to mark the sheets so much. We use "X" for intercourse as well. These 2 are a bit thicker than most lubes and suit us older folks well.
    Rojo26 responded:
    I found that every lube we tried made my wife's vagina burn. Additionally, they all tasted horrible. Then, because of a temporary medical condition, I needed to use condoms for a few weeks, and I bought some with a silicone-based lubricant. We hadn't used condoms in a long time, so I was surprised when I could scarcely tell the difference between wearing one or not wearing one, and my wife had no trouble with them. So I contacted the condom comapny, and they said one of the lubes they is sell similar to the lube used on the condom. I bought a bottle, and it lasted as long as it needed to, lubed well, had zero taste, and caused her no trouble. So I highly recommend silicone-based lube.
    jimmmym responded:
    my wife and I are proponents of the over the counter use of Glide, a water based formula that is useful to both of us. We are seniors and even though we can't experience full penetration anymore enjoy the sensation of the lubricant while we pleasure each other or ourselves.
    StraightUPgirltalk replied to An_210644's response:
    The best one I've found is The Natural by DreamBrands. It is water-based and made with carrageenan - a seaweed extract, also aloe, vitamin E, and organic agave inulin. It is very soothing and healing. Oils are not good for lube. The Natural (blue box) is available at Vitamin Shoppe and GNC or on-line.
    wonderingaboutthis replied to StraightUPgirltalk's response:
    Fortunately we don't need lube for vaginal sex, but for anal sex it was quite a search. For some reason, the one most recommended, Astroglide, burns her bottom. We finally ran across Gun Oil, a thick liquid water-base lube that stays put and lasts longer than I do for anal sex, without being gloppy like KY Also, KY tended to "pack" in her tush and cause discomfort..

    As for the application techniques, Debby, we found an inexpensive lube "syringe" called a "Lube Shooter" - cheap enough to buy two so one is always clean. No matter what technique we tried, we always ended up getting too much outside and not enough inside - until we started using the Lube Shooter. After warming her up a little, about half a syringe full of Gun Oil in the syringe, injected about 2" inside her anus, is pefect for even our longest sessions. Just the right amount in the right place. These are only like 3 bucks apiece from Cheap Lubes and well worth the money.

    We also made one mistake, thinking that my semen would work as lube for a second anal go-around, it was already in there...etc., we found that the semen actually gets too watery and dilutes the Gun Oil too much causing like a stick-slip situation.. The lesson was drain the first ejaculation out before going for a second one.
    Florida_2012 replied to wonderingaboutthis's response:
    That's the interesting thing about lubes, just because it works fine for one it may vary for the other. For me there is a lube named Slippery Stuff Sex Lubricant Gel. It works amazingly for both vaginal and anal. A little goes a long way. I do recommend it.
    pattigail1 responded:
    We have been using Oceanus Naturals personal lubricant with Carrageenan (also Aloe Vera and Vitamin E). My husband seems to have developed a rash. Does anyone know if this could be a reaction to the lubricant?

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