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    Oral Sex- deep throat
    Karen Luster, MD posted:
    Many people have trouble with the gag reflex (choking or coughing) when performing oral sex especially when they try to deep throat. You can try numbing sprays that are for sore throats. These are found over the counter. Although this is not a guarantee, this may help reduce some of the gagging. Remember the gag is a normal reflex so most people will never overcome completely (if at all) during oral sex.
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    pollyw1981 responded:
    "Practice makes perfect" should be applied here. After lots of practice, I learned my own holding my breath while I'm doing it and occasionally coming up for air; that makes it a smoother process along with putting it in your mouth so it is touching the roof. Practice, practice, practice!! I'm telling you ladies, you will get it down! (No pun intended)
    Debby Herbenick, PhD, MPH responded:
    Dr. Luster offers a very good suggestion for fellatio here - and one that's in reach of many people's own medicine cabinets!

    One can get a similar effect - but with flavor (mint, chocolate, orange, berry) - through products such as Great Head or Good Head that are sold through various in-home sex toy party companies as well as some adult novelty stores or sex shops. They contain similar ingredients that provide a slight numbing sensation along with a little flavor. Many people find that only a small dab of these products is needed (dime sized or less) for pleasurable sex play.

    If you plan to have vaginal or anal intercourse after giving oral sex to a man and using a throat spray or numbing sensation sex play product, consider having him clean his penis off before vaginal intercourse begins (or he could wear a condom). Why? Well, you probably don't want any numbing sensations in your vagina or anus.

    Of course, if you ever have questions about the safety of over the counter products for use in sex play (or other aspects of your life), please consult with your healthcare provider.
    tmlmtlrl responded:
    I read this a long time ago, it was an interview with a porn star and she said the trick is to breathe out as you go down. Tried and true!! It makes a huge difference. It like opens the throat when you let your air out! Also on side note here, I got this stuff called 'happy penis' that is cherry flavored and it just makes the whole experience so much more exciting and your own yummy cherry sucker!!
    An_210648 replied to pollyw1981's response:
    HisBlueGreenEyes responded:
    I dont have a gag reflex (: lol I'm one of the lucky oness!!!
    yanna0518 responded:
    I learned not to eat about an hour or two before I know that about to give oral sex but I have learned how to make the gagging work to my advantage and the extra silva that comes with it. It helps out alot to later on done the road when I get tired. lol
    aCiDxXxDoLL replied to tmlmtlrl's response:
    I've heard this and it does help, actually. Sometimes it's a simple as the way you breathe!
    bsbuddy43 responded:
    I have read and my wife uses this; swallow as you take his penis down. Have a happy, sucking time girls. A woman that gives her man a regular, great blowjob shouldn't lose him because of sexual problems.
    robertdino replied to bsbuddy43's response:
    agree with you. i am a guy and i am not really particular about deep throat. it is pleasurable but then i don't insist on it. it has to be comfortable for the woman as well. i think taking numbing sprays is a little extreme. i am not sure how safe regular use of that will be either.
    countrysun responded:
    It helps to practice your breathing. Try a slightly open mouth yawn placement as you go down. If you have netflix i seriously suggest you getting the 3 part dvd Sex: how to do everything. I found it very helpful on many aspects.
    An_210649 responded:
    oral can be loads of fun and breathing the right way does help a ton. My boyfriend well ex as of three days ago said i gave the best head ever and he couldn't understand why Iwas not attached....apparaently it aint enough LOL hence him being a ex.

    But breathing is key and if you can learn to open your throat like when a doc is checking it that can help too.
    AWildHeart responded:
    I found in years just with anything you want to do well at, is that you have to enjoy what your doing! You have to make love to him, only with your mouth..let your tongue be your guide, as for the breathing , just breath normal, the key is Relax, and enjoy pleasuring your partner

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