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    An_210662 posted:
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    Poppy999 responded:
    Consider yourself lucky!
    My other half has Fibromyalgia. That and the medications needed have reduced his sex drive to almost zero...count on two hands how many times a year we have sex. Just enjoy it all.
    doggastyle responded:
    let him have it there is nothing wrong with that
    dfgbull responded:
    I am 56 and I want sex almost every night. Is this unusual? What does it matter if it is, it is normal for me and normal for your bf
    ilovepersiancats responded:
    he must be a nympo
    An_210663 replied to ilovepersiancats's response:
    A man cannot be a nymphomaniac ... it is a female condition. The equivalent for men is satyriasis. And ther's nothing wrong with wanting sex every day. Some of us get it on a regular basis. Sorry your life is so barren ...
    elle0317 replied to ilovepersiancats's response:
    LOL, I hope that is a joke....

    Back in my 20's my ex and I would be at it 4-5 times A DAY.

    To the OP: If he still can get it up and still has desires for you, there is nothing to complain about, once a day is more than usual but certainly not an earth shattering amount. Enjoy it while you can.
    j5dc2 responded:
    I am 47, been married for over 15 years and I like to make love to my wife every day, some nights more than once, my desire for my wife is 24/7 and if it was up to me I would probable make love to her more often. I respect her when she is tired though, which rarely occurs, most of the times she ready.

    I don't think it's unusual to want it every day. "usual' it's not the same for everyone, for me every day is usual for others once a week might be ussual. Either way there is nothing wrong. I would say enjoy!
    hairyd replied to j5dc2's response:
    10612 after 12 months you may not be checking for a reply. Hope you are enjoying sex. Yes this is NORMAL for a male. Yes this could be NORMAL for you to have sex daily.

    Make the relationship good; enjoy the sharing of your body for pleasure. If you able and want to have a sexual relationship. It get give and receive to make relationship continue.
    amanda1585 responded:
    Enjoy every minute of it..its normal.
    I wish I can do that!
    luvmy2babiesmuch replied to amanda1585's response:
    would love it every night--- enjoy it.. i'm a 41 YO female, and my husband only wants it about 2 times a week,, wish it were every night-- sounds great!!
    oakparkcowboy responded:
    Wish I could get it every night & Im 64 yrs old. I use to but after my wife had a hysterectomy our sex life has dwindled to almost nothing, but I keep trying. We're still best friends.
    Stella_1967 replied to amanda1585's response:
    geez wish i could be that husband is 44 and rarely wants it...lucky woman you are
    Stella_1967 responded:
    that's awesome...enjoy!!!
    oldbiguy replied to ilovepersiancats's response:
    We should introduce him to my wife - She wants it every day too

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