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    my wife dont like to give oral
    An_210664 posted:
    how do i ask her so she dont get mad at me?but she will do it once a year for like five secs.
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    anandjhawar responded:
    You must make her to read article on oral sex and to see videos (sex educative videos and not porn ones) to make her ready for oral sex.
    guptak65 responded:
    same is with me have tried lot of experiments but not succeed,if u find please ........
    dick912 replied to guptak65's response:
    A woman needs to know that oral sex is the ultimate act she can do for her bf or husband. This includes swallowing every drop the man has to offer. Both the man and woman has to feel like that they would do anything and everything for please one another.
    fcl responded:
    Have you asked her why she doesn't like doing it? Would she agree to it if you used flavoured condoms? How do you actually ask her to do it? Has she ever done it for more than 5 seconds?

    In any case, when all is said and done, if she doesn't like it, she doesn't like it and there is nothing you can do to change that...
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    Indiaguerita replied to fcl's response:
    Good questions.
    Indiaguerita responded:
    If you're shoving her head into your crotch then it's probably not going to go over so well.

    Before you try anything two need to have a discussion about it. For all you know, she was forced to give a blowjob once and that's why she won't do it/doesn't enjoy it.

    There are many reasons women don't like giving oral sex.

    Just's not a man's right to have oral sex performed on him...and it's certainly not a woman's "duty" or "obligation" to please you orally.

    Do you perform oral sex on her? Do reciprocate in any fashion at all?

    You both need to communicate with each other before having sex again.

    Cutie84 responded:
    Uhm well......I agree with most of the replies. However I used to be one of them girls who did not like oral sex because I thought it was nasty. And pressuring me into doing it made me actually not want it at all. It all depends on the person, when I met my current boyfriend, he asked me to perform oral on me and I said no, because I knew he would ask me to do the same in return. So one day I basically let him do it, because he was nagging and it felt so good, so I asked him to wash him self before I performed on him and we used flavored lubricants and I liked it .

    My point being, if you want it from her, you have to give her something in return as well. So you should try it on her first and make her go crazy and maybe she will change her mind.
    Good Luck!
    missnya75 responded:
    It all depends how she was raised. Blow jobs are deemed to be demeaning and humiliating. So it might be hard to convince her otherwise. Also if you have had moments you cheated on her those moments stay in her mind and she might feel like getting used. Also are you clean enough for her to do it? How do you please her? do you go down on her as well? Please realise that sex can be very pleasurable without a blow job. Good luck
    Jaimarie_109 replied to Cutie84's response:
    I totally agree. I use to be the same way, I always said I would never do that, but when I actually done it for the first time, I enjoyed it. But anyways, you really shouldnt force her to do it, cause if you do that, then she will never do it. Its nothing wrong with doing it and you should let her know that, I also agree with anandjhawar response as well, you should make her watch videos on how to do it, and maybe she would be more comfortable, but remember not to force her.......I really hope evrerything works out.....keep us posted....
    Ms_Candy804 responded:
    I think you should consider exactly what it is about oral sex that she does not enjoy. Maybe if you discuss the issue with her; you can find some ways to make it more barable if not pleasurable for her and you. Maybe you can meet each other half way.
    AlexKatehakis responded:
    I agree with all of the postings that have recommended that you talk openly with your wife about this issue. You might discover a completely surprising reason that she doesn't enjoy giving oral sex, and then you two can have an open discussion about any possible resolutions to the issue. If necessary, there are sex therapists that can deal with couples who are unhappy with their sex lives. Sometimes this can bridge the communication gap and educate both partners about how to improve their sex lives together. Best of luck to you both!
    lisany038 responded:
    DAMN!I FEEL 4 U PAPI...I LOVE IT DOES SHE STILL EXPECT U 2 DO IT 2 HER?(sry didnt no caps was on)tell her it really turns u on,maybe shes scared she'll do it wrong or somethin

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