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    Experience from two virgins
    bobbinlanikai posted:
    My wife and I both were virgins when we married over 50 years ago when we were in our late 20s. Neither of us had any prior sexual experience. Prior to our marriage, my wife went to a doctor for a general examination and he did a procedure to her hymen to prevent pain or discomfort during our first intercourse.

    I well recall our first honeymoon night when I entered her at least three times and had great orgasms. There was no difficulty or bleeding and I didn't notice anything when I penetrated her hymen.

    Being a virgin, this was the greatest experience of my life and I was glad we both waited until we were married to have sex. Prior to that, I did some rather heavy petting to her but she never touched me sexually.

    What I didn't know, until some time later, was how to give my wife an orgasm. She always seemed to enjoy the sexual act but I knew she didn't ever climax. I continued to enjoy sex without her coming until I read an article about manual stimulation. I then realized that my relatively small penis and the location of her clitoris would result in the two never meeting.

    When I learned about how to find the clitoris and stimulate it with my fingers, things changed considerably. As many have indicated in their posts, it's important to have the woman reach an orgasm first so after five or ten minutes of thrusting which I enjoyed, I rubbed her clitoris and made sure she came before I finished. Watching her enjoying the climax excited me more so I could come and ejaculate soon after her orgasm.

    We used this method to allow us to have sex lasting anywhere from a few minutes to a half hour or so. The length of the act depended on when she had her orgasm followed by mine which, in turn, depended on when I stimulated her clitoris.

    As the years went by, sex was good although I always was the one who initiated it but she never refused. We had four daughters and now we have four grandchildren

    My wife sufffers from COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) that began when she was a child. Several years ago, when she was in her late 70's, she stopped having sex because she experiences severe shortness of breath following an orgasm. That symptom can be very alarming to people with COPD so I can understand her reason for refusing to have sex anymore. She also believes that when people reach the age of 70 or 80, they don't need to have sex. I told her that, for a man, this isn't always the case and that I needed to have some sex regardless of my age which is now 80.

    Fortunately, she's willing to masturbate me or allow me to masturbate myself in her presence. I find this activity very pleasing but I rarely have an orgasm. In addition, I've had some arthritis problems that preclude my having sex in the missionary position that we usually used. I hope to convince my wife to try some other positions and let me enjoy a full sex act without her reaching an orgasm. This might sound unfair but I don't know what else to do except for the manual stimulation she provides me. She never would perform oral sex on me but I frequently did so on her during foreplay.

    Most of those posting here may be much younger than my wife and I and I thought it would be interesting and useful to post our experiences as virgins when we married and now when we have grown older (I said "older", not "old")
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    Blake_Valentine responded:
    Wow...great letter. You and your wife are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing these lessons with us. It is touching how devoted the 2 of you are to each other as you meet life's challenges together. Stay young at heart...
    MissChooChoo responded:
    Has your wife talked to her pulmonary doctor about the shortness of breath after an orgasm? I have asthma, and find that if I climax too soon, I have terrible shortness of breath. But if the act is drawn out, over an hour or so, the shortness of breath doesn't happen. I used to get headaches with an orgasm also, but that doesn't happen if it takes longer before I reach that point. If she hasn't talked to her pulmonary doctor, I'd encourage her to do so. Good luck to you both.
    bobbinlanikai replied to MissChooChoo's response:
    Thanks for the tip. As for discussions with her doctor, he's a friend and neighbor so she's much too reserved to discuss intimate matters with him. I can't really blame her for this. I don't think she would discuss such matter with anyone but me, unfortunately.
    An_210670 replied to bobbinlanikai's response:
    If your wife can't talk about personal intimate matters with her doctor, then that is a problem. Maybe she can say she talk abou the shortness of breath when we exerts herself and let her doctor fill in the blanks.

    Good luck.

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