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    Self-soothing ideas, please
    tnmist posted:
    I have a question for the board, please. Anyone care to post how they are able to "self-soothe" when everything seems overwhelming?

    I have been really up and down lately, and some days I don't think I can stand where I'm at in life for another moment. I was just talking with a couple of other members who have felt similarly, so I thought perhaps we could get a list going here. Unfortunately I tend to escape by sleep or eating, and sleeping may be good because my sleep schedule is awful, but my eating habits are not the best idea for self-soothing, and I'm looking at trying to establish better habits.

    Would love to hear what others do that works for them. Thanks.
    DOGDANCING_TCOS responded:
    Chinese food.


    wading in the ocean

    writing to others on here...reaching out and soothing others is like reaching back in past to offer comfort to me in the early stages of my healing journey
    I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.
    slik_kitty responded:
    music, talking to friends, playing games
    az330 replied to slik_kitty's response:
    I do not have any healthy ones....Im bad at self-soothing. Sorry....

    bluerose90 responded:
    Good movies, music, journaling, playing with my rabbit. Talking with friends (which has become very difficult as of late). I was trying to think of a few others but I've never been great at soothing myself either.

    I do have to say that at the moment it seems like the thing that works best for me is playing with my rabbit. He is very wily.
    tnmist replied to bluerose90's response:
    What's your rabbit's name? Rabbits are so soft and cute. I'm glad you are enjoying your pet.

    Love the ideas so far. I grew up 5 miles from the beach, and I do miss the ocean. I used to try to get to a beach once a year but haven't been able to for awhile now. I love the smells and sounds of the beach, and wading is a lovely idea.

    Sometimes all of our self-encouraging strategies just don't work, and we just need to mourn a bit. That's okay, too. To be honest, a good crying spell is very cathartic to me.

    I have trouble chatting with friends, too, at times, and reserve that for when I'm feeling better and can manage the social time.

    In addition to some of the things already listed above in other posts, I actually enjoy a children's website where my inner child can pay sometimes. That helps me.

    Thanks, everyone. I like to hear how others manage things. Happy to keep adding to the list if anyone wants too...

    bluerose90 replied to tnmist's response:
    My rabbit's name is Zorro but I just call him Foxy all the time. I actually let him sit on my lap a lot as I do stuff online on my laptop and he thinks it's just the best thing ever to jump on my keyboard whenever he has the chance. I've only had him for... well, almost 2 months now I think, I'd have to look at the calender. He's growing like a weed and eats like a horse!

    I live next to the ocean right now. I do like to go down to the beach and sit on the rocks and just watch the water sometimes. It helps me to relax. Right now though it's tourist season here so the beach is always full. Plus I tend to look at all the different rocks, so many colors and patterns. I also like to go to Neopets and play games there. It's fun and a distraction.

    Rose & Foxy
    tnmist replied to bluerose90's response:
    Awww. I love pets. They accept you no matter what you look like and forgive and just want to be loved. My dog is a rescue dog with some definite issues, but overall he brings me joy. A long time ago I knew someone who had a rabbit and a dog that were friends, and I saw them play in her backyard. It was the cutest thing. Thanks for sharing with us.


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