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    Roll call, please
    tnmist posted:
    How is everyone doing? Hoping some spring sunshine is shining on folks and we can all get out and get some fresh air and vitamin D. This board seems rather quiet lately, and that usually means folks are strugling more than usual. May peace and blessings surround each of you.

    Let us know how you are doing if you can.

    lovely_lemon_tree responded:

    Been very, very sick lately, some kind of nasty respiratory infection.

    It is cold out here, we're supposed to have a low of 9 degrees tonight and 5 tomorrow night! Then, we're supposed to get 6 to 12 inches of snow on Tuesday.

    Hope everyone is well.
    We must be the change we wish to see in the world. -- Mahatma Ghandi
    tnmist replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
    Hi, LLT. Thanks for checking in. I guess I was a little premature with the springs thoughts for everyone. I hope spring returns soon for those still dealing with winter, though.

    bluerose90 responded:
    Hey Misty,

    I haven't been in here for a couple days. Hit a low patch and I haven't even left the house in days. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow or I'll just force myself to go do something. The only productive thing I got done was a knitted turtle.

    Sorry to hear you've been sick LLT. *Sends u hot chicken noodle soup.*

    Thanks for doing roll call Misty. I hope you're doing good.

    Where there is shadow, there is light.
    tnmist replied to bluerose90's response:
    LLT, hope you feel better very soon! (I neglected that part of your message, oops.)

    Rose, I had a feeling that may have been the case. ***sends you the blue version of the fluffy blanket to wear however you need it, tucked around you or cape style to feel braver.*** A knitted turtle sounds too cute. You are creating your own little zoo there! I love that idea.

    As for me, as usual, up and down. Even though I see my T this Friday, I put in a call to him to have him call me. He is a 1-man-show, and I know he will call if he can, but it's a little hit or miss.

    Jade2012 responded:
    Hi there - still struggling here but the sunshine is making me feel better today. I've got the shades open in my office & the sunlight is just beaming across my desk. It will be short-lived though because like LLT, we are predicted to receive 8-12 inches of snow beginning tomorrow morning. Ugh - sooooo ready for Spring! I need Spring!
    I did drag myself out yesterday to go bowling with the family & I am glad I did. I think if I could just get some sleep, I wouldn't be feeling like this.
    Thinking of all of you & wishing you peace & tranquility,
    In helping others we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us. - Flora Edwards
    bluerose90 responded:
    I finally got a Photo Bucket account set up more or less the way I want it. I put up pictures of my recent knit projects there, and a funny hair picture of Foxy. I've been thinking about getting a koolaid like product and coloring his hair a little. Lol

    Take a look if you want.

    Where there is shadow, there is light.
    az330 responded:
    I am present....Lurking about....not feeling safe enough yet. Been meeting with the advocate. and T. Can't wait for spring. Feeling pretty bad physically and mentally. Be back when I can.

    slik_kitty replied to bluerose90's response:
    wow you are so talented. i want that turtle!!!!! he he he
    bluerose90 replied to slik_kitty's response:
  • Sneaks SK the turtle* (Closest thing I could find to a ninja.Lol)

    Thanks. I'm making a small puppy dog toy now, I just have to finish the last few details for him. Hopefully I'll get a picture up of him today too.


    Why is the rum gone??? Lol I couldn't resist.
    Where there is shadow, there is light.

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