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    Could This Be Chlamydia/Gonorrhea
    TheRz posted:
    First of all, I feel like the biggest idiot in the world.

    About a month ago, a few days before the beginning of December, I had sex with a woman that I used to date. She's a 45 year old (I'm 27). We had a relationship for over a year for awhile, but because of the age difference she told me to find someone else. Anyway, I got drunk one night, and went over to her house and we had sex a couple of times. It was dark at first, and I didn't notice the first time because I did not perform cunnilingus on her. The second time the sun had started to come up. She ejaculates a whole lot. Normally in our last relationship I never noticed anything, but this time I noticed that when I tasted her, it was VERY bitter. Almost unbearably bitter. I went back to the sex, but just to make sure it wasn't something else I tasted her again, and same taste. Then as we were having sex and she began to ejaculate, I noticed that she had a yellow discharge as well as a darker color that was pretty much green. It wasn't there at first. I began to get worried, but being drunk and being an idiot, I continued. After we finished, I went home.

    I experienced no symptoms at all at first, and I have a girl friend. I cannot remember how many times, but I am sure that we had sex a few times, and then on December 6th, we broke up. I had no symptoms at all but I noticed one day that my penis was tingling it went away fairly quickly (like a day) and I just assumed it was nothing. This was before we broke up.

    She finds out about the woman, and we break up. After that month has gone by we have reconciled but we are trying to put God at the center of our life first before we get back together.

    Anyway, I think the date me and the older woman had sex would probably be about November 28th.

    Just recently, (around the end of December or the 1st) my second wet dream, but my alarm woke me up 1-2 seconds before I ejaculated. I got up, worked out, and went to work.

    Recently I have started to have symptoms, and I am trying to figure out just what is wrong with me. First of all, my lymph nodes right next to my penis and testicles started to get sore. My testicles are not sore, and my penis is not sore, just my lymph nodes. I thought it was my penis, but my mother is a Physician and she gave me a Physical on Friday. She squeezed my testicles (talk about humiliating) and I noticed no pain at all. I did notice pain in my groin lymph nodes though when she pushed on them, but I can't really call it pain, just discomfort because it doesn't really hurt it's just kind of annoying. I have been having a bout with anxiety because of all that is happening, and have been having a bit of pain in my stomach and lower abdomen too. I attributed it to that at first but I cannot be sure.

    The thing is, yesterday when I was peeing, when I got done I noticed there was a little something left. I pushed and pushed and it wouldn't come, but finally it did and what looked like semen came out.

    The kicker is, my GF told me she is pregnant. I have been reading about Chlamydia and how it can cause abortions.

    I got a Chlamydia and GC test, but the place said the results will not be in until Friday, a week after I got it. So right now I am very nervous and anxious and afraid for our child. I know that she can just get treated, but I am very worried about the baby, and if something happened to the baby I am not sure what I would do.

    I guess my question is, I have also been reading about Congestive Prostatitis and also Bacterial Prostatitis. Could it be one of these? I know if it is the latter, that I could still have Chlamydia, because it can cause it. I am wondering though how long it takes it to develop. I know that one of the symptoms of Chlamydia is a discharge, but the discharge for me only comes when I urinate and when I have a bowel movement and push hard.

    abe648 responded:
    I do not have an answer for you. If you have a good realationship with your mom then get her to do any tests that she may feel are possible for your concerns. Does your mom know about the older woman and your girl friend then she will understand.

    If you do not feel comfortable with dealing with your mom then go and be seen by another Doc and copy and print your story above so the Doc does not have to listen to your story. The only way to get things looked after and stop your worrying is to go and get things looked after by a Doc.

    That is the only way to calm your concerns.

    God Bless you and your gf with a new baby on the way.
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