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    HSV 1 and 2 - I am devastated!
    An_252669 posted:
    I am a 37 year old female who has just been diagnosed with HSV 1 and 2.
    I had the specific type blood test (herpeselect by Quest) and it came back as positive >5.00 H

    Obviously this is out of the potential for a false positive. I am shocked by this result. I had sort of protected sex in the last week of May (sort of because the condom came off). We stopped as soon as we realized it was off so the encounter was pretty brief.
    I was paranoid about it so about amost 2 weeks later I went to my doctor and requested test for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Both came back negative and everything looked normal down there. All culture came back negative too.

    To be sure, I had the type specific blood test using and it gave me the shock of my life. My questions:
    I know that you can't tell when you acquired the infection but is it possible to have a number > 5 for both HSV1 and 2 in only 4 weeks? Does it mean, maybe I was infected but didn't know? My last sexual relationship besides the one I am referring about was in year 2000!!! My long term ex bf was negative (I know this because he would have tests done often due to his work). Is it possible I was infected almost 13 years ago and I have never had any symptoms? This sounds so far fetched to me.

    Anyway, I don't have anyone to talk to about this and I am just sad as sad can be...
    abe648 responded:
    I am not a medical professional but have learned a lot on this site from others that have good knowledge of Herpes.

    Most people will test low or mid range in the I think you said 4 week point if you just got it now. But from what you describe you may not have gotten it just now. It sounds like you have had this for a while. People can go 10, 20 or 30 years and have no idea they have it. From what you posted it sounds like you have not had any ob's? Have you had an ob or not?
    The guy that you were with that got tested for other reasons would not normally get tested with a "type specific IgG blood test." You could have gotten if from any the partners but I do not think that it was ffrom the most recent exposure. I could be wrong but this is my view from being on this exchange for 7 years. Now that you know you have HSV 2 you need to tell any new partners. If you want more info on how to tell a partner go to the top of this page and type in "teling a partner" and you will get lots of posts with all kinds of ideas on houw to tell a partnerr.

    this does not have to be the end of your sex life and you can still be happy and have a great love life with someone who will love you for who you are and not what you have. Also since you are most likely to be dating someone your age then they have been through life a bit and will be more understanding.

    Ask any questions and there is nothing to personal to ask as if you do not ask you will not know the answer.

    God Bless you as you move forward with your life.
    Abe ...I am not a medical professional. Read the Herpes Handbook, Watch the Video and Terri Warren's book is availible umder the Heading Herpes at
    devastatedandalone replied to abe648's response:
    Thanks for your reply.
    I haven't gotten any outbreaks that I am aware off. Heck, I haven't gotten any kind of vaginal infection in the last 7 or 8 years. Not even an UTI.
    I have never had cold sores (at least what I consider cold sores - the ones on the outside of the mouth). I have had some minor blisters on the roof of my mouth after eating something that is too hot or spicy or if I got a cold.

    Now that I found this out, I find myself constantly checking and think that I am feeling something. I think it is my mind playing tricks. Still devastated...
    elle0317 replied to devastatedandalone's response:
    Definitely get re-tested, when you test for two strains of virus there should be two numerical results, one for each strain. Not a lump number like they gave you.
    abe648 replied to devastatedandalone's response:
    Many people can have both HSV 1 & 2 and have no symptoms that is why 90% of people who test for Heepes are suprised like your self to find out aht they have it. You can go many many years having it and have not symtoms of the infection.

    Could you call whom ever did the testing for you and ask if they have exact numbers for each type of HSV. It should read something like this HSV 1 igg is 2.50 and Hsv 2 is .80 or what ever they tell you and post them here so someone can confirm your status more accuarately.
    Abe ...I am not a medical professional. Read the Herpes Handbook, Watch the Video and Terri Warren's book is availible umder the Heading Herpes at
    devastatedandalone replied to abe648's response:
    Hi everyone. Thanks for the replies.
    I called the testing center (I ordered the test online and used and the person I spoke with said the lab only provided information that showed the following:
    HSV1 >5.00 H
    HSV >5.00 H

    There was no specific number attached to it.

    Oh well, I hope that I would never experience any OB and continue to go as I have. The only problem now is that everytime I feel a minor ich, heacache, body ache, etc, I would think it is an OB as I have no idea how they are supposed to feel.

    Is it normal not to have a number attached to the results?
    abe648 replied to devastatedandalone's response:
    You did get a number it is just tjat otppears that this firm does not give an eexact figure if it is greater than. So from what you were told you would be positive fpr bptj HSv 1 & 2.

    So now you have to gell any new partner that you have HSV 2 especially. The HSv 1 is not a big deal as many many many people have HSV 1.

    The feeling that people get is a tingling feeling somewhere in the genital area where ever the infection was transmitted to. Tje genital area includes any area which is in the "boxer short" area or any where boxer shorts would cover. Also some people get a soreness in one ot there thighs. If you do not get anyting like this I would not worry about it. Stop looking down Yonder and relax and be thankfil that you do not get ob's. Stop driving yourself crazy!!!

    But like I said I think you are 37 and most guys who are about your age should be understanding as they have been through things like this themselves.

    if you do become seexually active you should know that if you hit a dry spot vabinally then use a good lube as Herpes spreads more easely if there is dryness down yonder. By usin a good lube it helps to stop any friction down yonder.

    Click on the tiger and in there is a rate of transmission aswell as other helpful hints.

    God Bless you and ask more questions if you have them.
    Abe ...I am not a medical professional. Read the Herpes Handbook, Watch the Video and Terri Warren's book is availible umder the Heading Herpes at
    devastatedandalone replied to abe648's response:
    Thanks Abe.

    I guess things happen for a reason. I mean, if I didn't get this scare I would had never gotten checked because I didn't think I had a need to do it. Now I know...

    Now I need to work on trying to get back to normal behavior (when I didn't know about this) and hope everything continues to go the way it has in the past (in terms of OB). I just need to learn how to stop checking every time I have a chance!!

    Do you think there is a possibility that I would never have OB? Have you heard of this before? Or is it wishful thinking?
    abe648 replied to devastatedandalone's response:
    You sound like one of the lucky ones. Approx 20% of people dp not get ob\s but you can still transmit this to someone else when you are shedding. So all the more reason to tell a partner. You could still get ob\s and you will never know for sure. I went 10 years after being married and faithful to my wife before I got my first noticed my first ob.

    As I said Click on the Tiger and read more.
    Abe ...I am not a medical professional. Read the Herpes Handbook, Watch the Video and Terri Warren's book is availible umder the Heading Herpes at
    abe648 replied to devastatedandalone's response:

    PS. Also some people who have been faithful to each other have gone 10, 20 or 30 without an ob and suddenly get one.

    Stop looking down yonder and RELAX as for now it seems you are not getting any ob's. DON'T DRIVE YOURSELF CRAZY!!!! RELAX!!!

    You can live laugh love and be intimate again with the right partner. Do not lose any sleep over this. Life is to short to worry about such a trival thing in the grand scheme of life. There is someone for you who will love you even with herpes.

    You said there is a reason for this and I agree. I do believve that God allowed me to get GH so I could come on an exchange like this and help others. I really do enjoy helping people like yourself who need to know and understand how this all works.

    God Bless you as you move forrward and remember there is no question to persoanl to ask. If you do not ask you will not know. So ask any question so you can understand more.
    Abe ...I am not a medical professional. Read the Herpes Handbook, Watch the Video and Terri Warren's book is availible umder the Heading Herpes at

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