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    Red irritated skin under foreskin of penis; sex with men & women (sex addiction???) with condom but not always, help...
    An_251720 posted:
    Hi everyone, I'm really looking for nurses or doctors or anyone who has experienced an STD's point of view or opinion. Please no flamming, I consider myself intelligent (pre-med) student by I am leading a double life, and just as smart as I am with some things, I am completely stupid with others... I am not perfect....

    First, I am a 25 year old male. I'm pre-med and consider myself intelligent, just to give you a background of myself.

    I frequently scourer online dating sites or craigslist for sex. This is with women or men, usually transsexuals or crossdressers (I know it's very odd for most of you, and this is still very hard for me to accept...)

    I don't know why I do it; I think the addiction is to quick & easy free sex. No personal conversation, no intimacy involved.

    I usually always bring & wear condoms. For a few times though, out of the 20girls I have approximately been with (mostly transsexual), I have maybe taken the condom off 4 times and "orgasamed" or "came" inside the TS person inquestion... I was disgusted by myself afterwards and I cannot figure out why I did it... I think in the heat of the moment I cannot control myself.

    I noticed a few days ago, under my foreskin, what looked like white semen. The skin under the foreskin was also red and irritated. I had masturbated earlier that day so I wasn't sure if it was semen (I apologize if this is too graphic).

    I am scared to death of STDs or, heaven forbid, AIDs. I stay in shape and work out in the gym 4-5times a week, and take care of myself. People also consider myself really intelligent, but I have this addiction to sex which leads me to scavenge forums and online dating web sites behind closed doors, and when people are out having fun with friends on Friday or saturday nights, I feed these addictions.

    I am paranoid about the times I had unprotected sex, even though I took the condom off for maybe 1-2minutes just to orgasm or cum inside the trans-girl.

    Can someone please give me advice regarding the red irritated skin on my penis under the foreskin? I know I made mistakes, but I'm still human, and please don't flame me, no one is perfect.

    I just need help to lead me in the right direction and I am just making myself sick with stress at the moment for even having unprotected sex the few times that I did, especially with a transsexual because they are technically men. And my penis being red & irritated is simply driving me insane.

    I do not think I could handle getting results that say I have some STD or some disease - that's why I am avoiding it ... Please HELP!

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    positive results
    I had unprotected sex with a woman 3 weeks before I had this tests done. here are my results: HSV 1/2 IGG HERPESELECT HSV 1 IGG ... More
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