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    An_253936 posted:
    Like alot of people who've experiences I've read about, I don't know where, from whom, how, or when I got infected with chlamydia. I'm not a promiscuous person, haven't slept around with many sex partners and or within a short period of time...nothing. I've had 3 sexual partners in my life so far. 2 have been my boyfriend and 1 had been someone I was dating long term but never ended up getting in an actual relationship with, with titles and such. Anyways, I narrowed it down to 2 of the 3 men of which I suspect, both were my boyfriends whom I really loved. However, one had an ex who they said slept around with different men, and the other wasn't overly promiscuous but wasn't a saint either. One I had unprotected sex with multiple times and oral and the other we ALWAYS had protected sexual intercourse but he would always get me oral, never me to him. I could've had this infection 10 months max or less. I ended up going to the doctor when I was worried about possibly having caught something from a friend(whom I never had any type of sexual contact with, we were just friends)because at the time I started feeling sick and they coicendentally told me they were dealing with their own std. My doctor decided to do a test for what I thought I had. She also asked if I wanted her to check for other stds. I told her no because I just knew I couldnt have anything...oh how wrong I was. Anyways the test came back negative but my doctor diagnosed me with GAD and I was supposed to come back for a follow up test so when I did she asked AGAIN did I want to test for other stds and thankfully I said yes. My doctors office only calls after you've had tests done if they find something wrong, sooo they called and I panicked. Came back to see my doctor and she told me my tests were good but my blood pressure was still high (I'm over legal age but still young)so she was still worried and didnt know what was wrong, but told me to come back in a month, eat healthier (no salts), and lose weight. Going on almost 2 weeks later I got a private call from my doctor saying my test for chlamydia came back positive. I was happy it was something I wouldnt have to live with for life but still depressed, devastated, and disappointed. I made a realization that physically I wouldnt have to live with it for life, but mentally I would. I never thought I would ever have an std, but then again who does? I have no one to talk to now because my bestfriend whom I mentioned before who also has an std so would most likely understand is no longer my friend. Some days I'm about ready to break down and tell my family out of mental and emotional desperation but don't because I know they would be highly disappointed and worsen my disappointment in myself. I want to keep that faith they've held in me. I've learned a complete lesson. I've never really been a trusting person and this has really messed me up, along with throwing my vagina out of wack. I can't even think about sex the same now or in the future.I'm young so I never really thought about having children yet or when I would but now that's all I can think about...if I can even have children now? it all made since...the unusual discharge and strong embarrassing smell, which like others I thought was a yeast infections so I purchased ph wash. My doctor prescribed me a antibiotic (4pills at once)and asked did I have any stomach pain, discharge or back pain I told her no. However the day she asked I miraculously noticed back pain and stomach pain and I had been having discharge.When I was going to the bathroom one day after I took the pills I decided to check myself (my vagina) I notice the discharge slowing down, but my vaginal opening had that puffy look or inflammation, whatever you call it and a bump looking blister next to the opening. I suspect I had this for a while but didnt notice because I never did that type of checking down there. I know the puffy look is related to chlamydia but I'm not so sure about the blister I have so I'm worried. Someone said that it can take up to 2 weeks after taking the antibiotics for the symptoms to go away so I waited. 2 weeks is now up but the puffy look and blister is still there. so I think I could have reinfected myself, the antibiotic didn't work or its something else..std wise and I haven't had any type of sexual contact since my 3rd boyfriend. thats what scares me. My symptoms included, fever, headaches, fatigue, tiredness, dry mouth, swollen nodes,repeated styes in my eyes, lower back ache, stomach ache, irregular period (period coming 5 days before due) pain during sex, unusual dryness during sex, soreness after sex, urination often, discharge, smelly discharge, smelly urine, feeling like I have to urinate during sex or pressure, muscle aches, and repeated mouth ulcers. Now how many of these symptoms are related to chlamydia...i don't know. I find it funny how most of the symptoms went away after taking the antibiotic though. But the puffy vagina look, blister by vaginal opening and now this small circular ulcer on my tongue has me worried. Everything else has left and has stayed gone. I go back to the doctor in 2 weeks for a follow..I can't wait yet I'm scared. I believe I had a full std panel done when I was tested but I want to ask her what all was tested for to make sure that all stds were tested and everything besides the chlamydia came back negative so I know that the things I'm still experiencing aren't because of some other std. fingers crossed. I'm also making an appointment to a gyno to get a more in depth physical examination specifically of my vagina. I wanna make sure I don't have to forever remember this experience/ be embarrassed by a vaginal blister. Sorry for the essay, I just needed to get that off my chest. Thanks to whoever reads this.

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