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    Questions on Chlamydia
    An_258863 posted:
    My wife and I have been married for 6 years, and about a week ago she was diagnosed with chlamydia. Naturally the doctor wanted me to come in to be tested too. In the meantime, I discuss this with my wife; I've been faithful, and I believed her when she said she has been as well. So, that means one of us has been carrying it for 6 years with no symptoms... not too far fetched, right? Especially for a male, as I have read.

    The office just called to inform me that I tested negative. Now what am I suppose to think? The nurse said a misdiagnosis is almost impossible. Which means my wife has been carrying chlamydia for at least 6 years, we have regular sex, and I have never contracted it. How outlandishly impossible is this?

    If a woman shows no signs of chlamydia, what's the likelihood that she can spread it to another male during intercourse? As I understand, it is quite contagious. How can I *not* have it?
    georgiagail responded:
    " How can I *not* have it?"

    Not every sexual encounter will result in transmission.

    It would, however, be unusual that your wife would carry this for six years without symptoms.

    An_258863 replied to georgiagail's response:
    Not every sexual encounter will result in a transmission particularly if you are a male, but this is hard to believe being together for six years.

    I'm searching for every possible case in favor of my wife's defense, and all the odds are against her. Perhaps this thread is more appropriate in a psychiatry forum.
    bumpss responded:
    I unfortunately caught Chlamydia a little over a month ago. I have no idea when I got it though. I didn't really know what I had was Chlamydia. I was on birth control, so when I did spot (which it still might of just been the pill) I didn't think anything of it. Then, when I had the weird discharge I just shrugged it off and thought i was a yeast infection.
    I am pretty sexually active, so I like to go to the gyno a couple times a year. There is no doubt that her discharge and smell "down there" would have changed. Chlamydia is bacterial and that is why it smells funky so no matter what there would be some sort of symptom and I do not believe her doctors would let that slide for 6 years.
    Just my opinion.
    An_259104 responded:
    I found out that I had Chlamyida a few months ago. The only symptoms I had was chronic utis and I had been tested but it came back negative. I read an article that it is possible to have it for a long time and not know it because the test is not 99.9% like most other tests.
    georgiagail replied to An_259104's response:
    It's important to understand what the test for Chlamydia involves.

    Unlike testing for viral based STD's (such as HIV, for example) which checks for antibodies the immune system begins to produce after transmission, testing for bacterial based STD's like Chlamydia and Gonorrhea involves checking for the actual bacteria connected to these diseases. This is typically done by swabbing the genital/anal area or through a urine check.

    IF the swab misses picking up the bacteria (for example, it has traveled up into the fallopian tubes in a female) then, of course, the test results will come back as negative since no bacteria will be picked up.

    A physician MIGHT still prescribe the appropriate antibiotic treatment as a preventive/precautionary measure based on symptoms the patient may be experiencing even if the test results come back as a negative.

    georgiagail replied to diseasefighter's response:
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