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    I am treating my genital warts with drugstore products
    frontbuttwarts posted:
    I promised myself I'd post about this. Ive read every single post I can find on people using drugstore products to treat their genital warts. So heres my experience.

    First of all, It is working! I know thats what you want to know. Thats what I wanted to know. Heres what Im doing (ill post some history at the end of the post to tell you how I got to this point).

    Im using Dr Scholls Freeze away on the warts. Then, Im coating them with Compound W salycic acid.

    The freeze away is very easy to use. It barely hurts. Its a mild pain while you hold it on the wart, but it doesnt hurt at all afterward. The wart sizzles. Then it turns white. It looks burned. It swells about an hour later. It is not painful.

    The salycic acid hurts a lot. 10/10. It stings. Originally, I was going to use the freeze away only. I bought the salycic acid as a "just in case" item - in case the freeze away doesnt work. After using the freeze away a few times, I didnt feel like it was doing much, so Im following the freeze away with salycic acid. OMG, it hurts. Ive ran to the sink and washed it off a few times, but I reapply it anyway.

    Im using a numbing spray/ antiseptic first. I give it a few minutes to do its job, then I freeze the warts. Then, the acid. Then, I cover the whole area with antibiotic cream w/ pain relief.

    The pain from the acid subsides in about 5 minutes. The acid hardens and looks like you poured wax from a candle on the warts.

    By day 2, the warts appear to have shrunk. They look purple and like theyve been burned.

    I have been doing this treatment once daily for 4 days. All of the warts have shrunk. They look purple. I kind of pinched the largest one and the purple skin came off. It is pink underneath. I froze it again (right on the pink) and then applied acid. The more I damage them, the less they hurt when I freeze them/ apply acid. They seem somewhat numb.

    History: I had an abnormal pap at 18. I never had warts. At age 34, I got pregnant. These warts appeared. My OBGyn never mentioned them. There are tons of them, but they are all on the edge of my inner labia, and I told myself that they were possibly skin tags, or just some weird aging-thing.

    I tried the apple cider vinegar thing, but it didnt do much. I tried to forget they were there. At age 38, I went to see a dermatologist. She said nothing looked abnormal. I insisted she do a biopsy. They are warts.

    She froze some of them that day. It stung. I made an appointment for 2 weeks later. It cost $240 each time I went. $500 later, nothing changed.

    I went to a new OBgyn. He said it didnt look like warts. Did a biopsy. They are warts. He prescribed Aldera. Luckily, my copay was only $100. The actual cost is $1200 a tube. I used the entire tube. Nothing changed. He gave me the shpeel about them going away on their own in less than 2 years. Its been 6+ years.

    My docs dont seem especially concerned about the warts. I am so sick of having them. I have dozens, at least. They line my entire labia. My labia are kind of long, so it might look like its just wrinkly skin. Its not.

    Im 39 now and just sick of it. Im going to torture these things until they are gone. I will continue doing this every single day until they are gone. Im not stopping. Ill do it twice a day if I notice the progress stalling.

    Ill keep updating to let you know how this goes. I know how you all feel reading this. The shame, the guilt, the desperation. Im not stopping until they are gone.

    Today is day 4. The warts are purple and smaller than ever. Ill keep updating.
    frontbuttwarts responded:
    Day 5. Ive decided to add tea tree oil to the mix. Im looking pretty mangled. The way I see it, these warts have no choice. They have to go. Ill torture them every day until they leave.

    The largest one is going away layer by later. I have to pinch it and remove the layer of skin that is on it.

    The smaller ones look damaged, but not really changed since yesterday.

    Still freezing, then salycic acid, and then tea tree oil. Im also taking every vitamin I have - d3, zinc, vitamin c, magnesium, zinc.

    I really hope this works. I dont know what other choice I even have.

    Discouraged, yet hopeful. See you tomorrow.
    atti_editor replied to frontbuttwarts's response:
    First off, let me start by saying that I am sorry to hear what you have been going through for years, and thank you for speaking out about your situation for all those who are also going through this.

    It sounds like you have already gone the route of consulting medical professionals for treatment multiple times, and I understand the frustration with paying money for products and treatments that aren't working for you. However, I would encourage you to at least speak with your doctor about the methods that you are using to remove these warts to make sure that you aren't doing irreparable damage to the skin around your genitals. The skin in that are is very sensitive and could suffer negative effects from over-the-counter removal methods. This article has some information on treatment of genital warts -- most of which I'm sure you have heard from your doctors but may still be worth a look.

    Please let us know how you are doing!
    frontbuttwarts responded:
    Its working! Or, it worked?

    I would say the warts are 98% gone. I can not believe it was this easy.

    It turns out, my labia are not long. They are short and pink and pretty beautiful.

    It hurt. A lot. I dont even know for sure that the freeze stuff did anything. I think the most effective treatment was the salycic acid. It would stick on to the warts, and then Id have to kind of scrape it off a day later. It never hurt to scrape off the wart. It only hurt to apply the acid. I was never left with a wound. The wart would kind of peel a layer, and shrink. Then peel another layer and just be gone.

    The largest wart was the worst. I believe it was several warts, all disguising as a dangly piece of skin. Honestly, you wouldnt have guessed there were warts there. Using lidocaine spray, I actually cut off a good portion of it. This large wart is the ONLY remaining wart - and its just barely there, just a small bump. Id guess it will be history in a few days.

    I can not believe I let this go on for 6 years, when the solution was so simple. I am not damaged. I am not scarred. My labia look like brand new (to be honest, they are so much more pink than they have been in years. They looked so dark before.)

    I am happy with the results. It worked. Im so relieved!
    frontbuttwarts replied to atti_editor's response:
    Yeah, I get what youre saying. I think we both know that no doctor would tell me this is okay.

    If any of my docs would have been interested in clearing these warts, Id have let them. I didnt have much of a choice.

    Im happy to report that Im nearly wart-free. My skin is pink and healthy. No scarring. No pain. I did what I had to do. I hope my experience helps someone.

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