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    Single, painless white pimple disappeared upon touching it
    gunesslinger posted:
    I have HPV and do routine self checks for outbreaks, which seem to be stress related. Monday morning I found a single, painless white bump on the top of my shaft.

    This pimple was white, raised, and painless. When I went to touch it very lightly with my fingertip to see if it was painful to touch, it literally disappeared before my eyes! No puss came out, it just... appeared to disappear.

    Now the spot where it was is still painless,was a pink/red color for a day, and now I can't even tell I had any kind of pimple (or whatever) there. Was this an ingrown hair or inflamed gland? No STD symptoms I've researched has behaved like this.

    One thing has changed in my active life, and that's I've joined a health club and have been using community whirlpools/hot tubs, and a steam sauna from time to time. I've noticed a slight increase in folliculits from the chest down.

    Thanks in advance for your helpful answers!
    gunesslinger responded:
    OK, this is interesting...

    After posting my original post, I took a shower. Before getting in a took a quick look, and there's a really small but noticeable white spot in the same place, but not nearly as big. It was white with a black center, slightly sensitive to the touch, which made me think this is an ingrown hair.

    Took my shower, dried off, did an inspection, and it's gone again!!! What the hell...?
    editor_morgan responded:
    Hi there, gunesslinger.

    I do agree that it is peculiar for your pimple and/or ingrown hair to keep seemingly disappearing and then reappearing.

    Keep an eye on it over the next couple of days and if your symptoms continue then I would consult a doctor.

    Good luck and be sure to come back and update us.
    gunesslinger replied to editor_morgan's response:
    Thanks! I already made an appointment with the dermo, unfortunately can't get in until 9/2, hence my posting here!
    editor_morgan replied to gunesslinger's response:
    Ok, at least that's right around the corner. If it gets worse, be sure to let your dermo's office know, and maybe they can expedite your appointment or refer you to someone else who can see you sooner.

    Let us know how it goes after your appointment. We're here for you ((hugs)).

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