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    Tailbone/Sacral Blisters
    BelgianBug posted:

    Disclaimer: I'm not native English, so some terms may be wrong.

    I've recently for the third time had a small blister like bump on the end of my tailbone, this would start to ooze a bit and eventually bleed out and scab over. Always in that very specific spot.

    I never much thought of it until I started to notice it happens at the same time I develop cold sores, before I just thought it was from excessively sitting in my office chair and pressuring the area.
    Both the cold sore and tailbone blister seems to be triggered by stress, this time a festival a week before a major exam.
    This generally being a time I sit down for long periods, hence the old conclusion.

    After researching my newly gained insight I found out this is a form of genital herpes or HSV-2.
    The blister(s) have never appeared anywhere in the more traditional genital area and I have no known history of STDs.

    I've had cold sores as long as I can remember and my late mother had these as well, so I presumably contracted the supposed HSV-1 from her. However, the new symptom is just that, new.

    I've experienced the tailbone blister ~3 times in a year or two.
    The only major life changes I had in the last 2 years was the adoption of a kitten and the change to a fairly sporty lifestyle including mostly long distance running and swimming.

    I'm in a 6 year long relationship and have been strictly monogamous, she is also the only person I've ever been sexually active with.
    I'm fairly introvert so tend to not go around touching people.
    Otherwise I have a tremendous immune system and virtually never fall ill outside of seasonal allergies.

    I'm aware taking a swab and culture is the only definite method, however as these outbreaks are relatively rare and this one has bled out already this currently isn't an option anymore I think.

    If this indeed a new infection the most readily available contact would be from my partner, but I'd rather ask advice on the topic first before opening that potential damaging conversation to which me being the perpetrator is an equally valid assumption. Other than this, I have little reason to believe her being unfaithful. She is also aware of me having cold sores (HSV-1?).

    Thanks for sticking through the long read!
    Any information is highly appreciated.

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    positive results
    I had unprotected sex with a woman 3 weeks before I had this tests done. here are my results: HSV 1/2 IGG HERPESELECT HSV 1 IGG ... More
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