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    both partners have genital herpes
    marc403 posted:
    Hi, ok heres my question. What if both partners have genital herpes and have unprotected sex when there is no outbreak present? Can anything herpes related come from this? Can it cause outbreaks? Also, can oral sex be performed without protection as long as there are no outbreaks present? We've been together for awhile and theres no risk of any other stds.

    lp130 responded:
    What type herpes do you both have? If it's the same type, no worries as to unprotected sex. As to oral, you both already have significant protection from having the virus already. If you have different types, then that can change things obviously....
    marc403 responded:
    we both have the same type, hsv2. So if theyre both the same type, as long as there isnt an outbreak theres no harm that can come from not using protection herpes related? IE if i give her or she gives me oral ?
    lp130 responded:
    HSV2 does not at all like the oral area - only 3% of oral herpes are caused by HSV2. And even then, the fact that you already have it genitally gives you each significant protection from getting it orally.

    Having an outbreak or not makes no difference as to genital to genital sex. You both already have it, nothing to transmit. Although, I can't imagine having sex during an outbreak!
    betsyo1967 responded:
    This is not an issue for either of you. Just avoid sex anytime you have lesions for comforts sake. The only thing easier than both ofyou having hsv2, is neither of you having it
    jodes replied to lp130's response:
    Ok well I cant help but wonder is the same rules apply to hsv 1
    elle0317 replied to jodes's response:
    Yes, if both partners have HSV1 this scenario still applies.
    FrustratedInParadise responded:
    I am so frustrated trying to find an accurate answer to my question. I am 5 weeks pregnant and waiting to get into my OB, otherwise I would just get my info there. I have been with my current partner for a few years. Six months in, I had my first outbreak of herpes. We both know he gave it to me, so there is no question that we both have the same "strain" of the virus. We have regularly had unprotected sex together - we were both already infected, there was no risk of any other STD, and I was on birth control (surprise surprise, unfortunately something failed and I became pregnant). My concern NOW is this: if we continue to have unprotected sex, and my partner ejaculates inside me, does that increase risk of infection of the embryo/fetus? What aboutoral sex and swallowing? Sorry, so graphic, but I have been searching for an answer and cannot find it. Please, medical opinions only.
    Cookies29 replied to FrustratedInParadise's response:
    Check out this website:

    Concern will be at delivery should you have an active outbreak.

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