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    IUD with HPV?
    alison0516 posted:
    I'm 23 years old in a committed relationship. I was diagnosed with high-risk and low-risk HPV 8 months ago.

    I had a LEEP done in December after my first abnormal pap showed severe dysplasia. I had a repeat pap in May which showed I have mild dysplasia, so I need to get another follow-up pap in September. I also have genital warts which keep popping up no matter what I do.

    I've been reading that being on the birth control pill for 5+ years makes it harder for your body to fight HPV and is linked to having persistant dysplasia/HPV problems. I've been on the pill for 5 years. Since I'm trying to do everything in my power to fight this virus, I'm definitely getting off of the pill, even if my gyno says that the pill doesn't affect HPV -- I've read enough that it probably does.

    I'm looking for a NON-HORMONAL birth control method (other than condoms/diaphrams/spermicides, etc), but only found one - a copper IUD called ParaGard.

    However, I've been doing some research on having HPV and getting an IUD.... I found very mixed answers. Some sources say that you cannot get an IUD if you have HPV. Others say that you cannot get an IUD only if your paps are still abnormal, but it's not a problem once your paps start coming back normal. Others say that it's no problem to get an IUD with HPV.

    I have an appointment set up with my gyno in 2 weeks to discuss it with her, but I'm still wondering...

    I'm wondering if there's anybody who has experience with IUDs and HPV? Could you/could you not get one?
    newchancetolive responded:
    Dear Alison, After reading your post I HAD to write. I've only had one sexual partner in the last ten years. Always used condoms. Also, for ten years I have had negative HPV tests and Negative paps. Last Saturday, out of the blue (I mean literally overnight), I discovered external vaginal warts. Sorry, TMI. Anyway, the only thing that has changed is I started the pill six months ago. Right after my last HPV and pap (both negative). My doctor says it's STRESS, I think for real that it's the pill. Afterall, I have read that pregnancy, use of oral contraceptives and meds. that suppress the immune system could cause dormant HPV to present itself. (that is true for HSV as well).

    Once I fininsh the Aldara, I am going off the pill. I don't want to get my period until these warts are gone!! Ugh. As far as what you may want to use for contraception, your doctor may be able to give you better advice. I would be fearful of having anything introduced into the uterus while you are having symptoms. Perhaps condoms until your doctor feels its a safer time to utilize an internal device. good luck. It's best that you ask her in two weeks. If it helps, I believe 100% that my use of the birth control pill had everything to do with this. Seriously. God bless you and stay positive. Concentrate on building your immunity. PS: If you are a smoker, it is best that you quit. IT is a significant factor in HPV. It suppresses the immune system. Post back when you can. I'd love to read your follow-up. Write to 'newchance' here at web md.
    Agirlhasnoname replied to newchancetolive's response:
    Hi. Soon as reading this, I too felt it necessary to respond. I was diagnosed positive with HPV 16. A high strain that causes 70% of cervical cancers.

    I was also told that I had BV. And with some women, bacterial vaginosia is just a recurrence. So I began taking probiotics, drinking probiotic drinks to maintain good flora.

    I also had the Mirena IUD inserted to help my heavy clotting cycles that became worrisome. I wondered if I had endometriosis (cause my mom had it.)

    Anyhow, after reading more about Mirena, i found that it can cause bad bacteria to linger. And since I didn't want recurrence of BV, this was clearly not a great choice. Furthermore (tmi. Sorry...on occasionally doing a string check myself...I found goop on my finger. I was told it was normal.) Well, maybe it is but how is this maintaining the good flora in my nether regions? And BV doesn't exactly HELP the state of HPV.
    I got.Mirena removed. After being interrogated as to WHY. Just take it out. Last thing I need is an abnormal pap.
    The string seemed to be collecting whatever discharge the Mirena created.

    I'd recommend looking into it yourself.

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