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    Herpes simplex virus type 1
    Terri Warren, RN, ANP posted:
    This virus is the cause of 99+% of recurrent cold sores and most infection is acquired in childhood. If you have ever in your life had a cold sore on your lip, in your nose or on your chin (not inside your mouth- those are canker sores), you will test positive for HSV 1.

    HSV 1 can also cause genital herpes, and is often transmitted via oral sex. A person who has cold sore virus orally (with or without a cold sore present) can transmit virus to their partner when giving them oral sex.

    A blood antibody test can only tell you if you've been infected with HSV 1, not where you've been infected if you've never had a sore.

    leahquestions responded:
    Hi Terri, do you think h1 is more contagious than h2? Can h2 be spread anywhere on the body like h1 can? I wrote earlier because I had read an article on intimate conversations about genital herpes and wondered about the 3.5 as an indication of an old virus.. I have a lot of questons I know. I appreciate all you and the entire staff have done for all of us.. thanks again
    Terri Warren, RN, ANP replied to leahquestions's response:
    HSV 2 genital infection is more contagious than HSV 1 genital infection.
    acdcrocks17 responded:
    Hey Terri. My husband and I both have gotten coldsores since we were children. Recently at the same time that I had a coldsore I had what I think might have been an outbreak on my genitals. Only, the sores on my gentials were different than what I typically get on my lip. I know I need to go to the doctor (no health insurance, so have to wait a few weeks for the $$ to be available) but I was hoping you might be able to tell me if they fit the symptoms. They did not bubble and the weren't really painful and they lasted about a week. Really, I thought they were ingrown hairs at first because they were really more just "lumps" than anything. At that time I did have a sight burning when I urniated. Thank you, any info will ease some of my anxiety till that dreaded doctor's visit!
    Charlene03 replied to Terri Warren, RN, ANP's response:
    I have a question Terri

    I just got diagnosed with Genital HSV1. So does that mean my partner has HSV1 Oral from oral sex I am scared to kiss him and am scared for him to touch me. I've taken a round of Valtrex for 4 days and am okay for the first round, I guess. I had a couple bumps under the skin but shave there alot so thought, yes, it was an ingrown hair. But, to my surprise, I got this and am so scared I don't know what I can do and what I can't.
    betsyo1967 replied to Charlene03's response:
    if this is a newly acquired infection from you then odds are you did get it from your current partner. absolutely no reason not to kiss! You should've taken valtrex 1gm 2x/day for 7-10 days if this is your first ob.
    Charlene03 replied to betsyo1967's response:
    Rechecked, he gave me 10 (2 a day) I got the generic for Valtrex, 500mg He told me last Thursday so I took a dose Thursday, then had bumps all over my tongue the next day so he was away Friday and the doc on call said it didn't sound like the bumps were Herpes so stop the med. so I did and was happy. THen I had a consult from terror Monday and he stated yes I had it and I started the med again with 3 days left at 2 a day. Now to the kissing part. If my new partner of 8 mos had it dormant somewhere as he has no signs, does he probably have it orally. And if he does, then he can give it to be if I hadn't caught it that way yet????? This is very confusing when you are new at it?! The two bumps under the skin didn't look like this disease but later I found a picture that resembled them alittle so I guess I for sure have this thing called herpes that will change how I feel about myself and how I present myself to others. People will see a change in me. I've always been super funny and outgoing. No so much now but I did just find out. Im terrified of being judged and passing it on somehow I'm not aware of. It is terrifying! I need alot of help in understanding this disease and why I got it.
    betsyo1967 replied to Charlene03's response:
    your regular partner can get tested with a type specific herpes igg blood test to see what his status is if he can't recall ever having obvious cold sores.
    An_208434 replied to betsyo1967's response:
    Is there a home swab/test to tell you whether you have HSV 1 or 2. I have HSV (pretty sure it's HSV2), but don't know what strain I have. I'm pretty sure it's HSV 2 I get genital outbreaks, but the first outbreak I remember (15 years ago) was actually on my cheek, I've never had any sores around my mouth, just genital and this spot on my cheek. Thanks and hope I didn't spin this thread off on a different direction.
    betsyo1967 replied to An_208434's response:
    no there is not. you need to have your provider order you a type specific herpes igg blood test to see what your status is. and are 2 online sites that are reliable you can order it yourself from. it costs about $100 on both sites for the herpes igg blood testing.
    An_208435 responded:
    I have HSV-1 genitally and a possible new partner has Cold sores. Is there anyway I could give him HSV-1 on his genitals by having sex?
    betsyo1967 replied to An_208435's response:
    typically in a situation like that, just avoiding sex anytime you have genital symptoms is all it takes to protect a partner.
    rcQuestions responded:
    Hi Terri,

    Sometime in January, I had a horrible sore throat, inflammed tonsils, pus-like substance. Went to the doctor who said it was strep throat and gave me a Z-pack.

    About six weeks later (during a stressful time at work), I was sick again with the same symptoms plus head congestion. I took a course of amoxicillin for 10 days.
    [br>Earlier this week, I was stressed (about work) and not sleeping. On Wednesday, I could feel a tingling in my throat just like before. [br>[br>Thursday afternoon, I went to my doctor's. I told them I'm having recurrent strep throat.

    They know I'm gay, but I told that I had unprotected oral sex with a guy in December, and that I'm currently seeing someone now where we perform unprotected oral sex on each other. [br>[br>They did a strep throat culture, which came back negative. The doctor said that might be because it's still early yet. I got a shot of penicillin in the hip.[br>[br>It's Sunday morning, and the symptoms have progressed (very similar to what I experienced twice already this winter):[br>[br>- extreme sore throat[br>- swollen tonsils[br>- white pus-like substance along the tonsils[br>- chills/fever[br>- difficulty swallowing[br>- extreme drooling (when sleeping on one side)[br>- tender lymph nodes[br>[br>There's no ear or nose congestion like in February. [br>[br>Since the penicillin is not working and these symptoms are recurrent, could it be herpes in the throat?[br>[br>How does this get diagnosed? And is it possible that it's mono? Or do I simply need to have my tonsils removed?

    Before having surgery, I'd like to at least examine (and hopefully rule out) throat herpes.
    QuirkyJon responded:
    I recently had my primary outbreak of oral HSV-1. I'm a little confused if what people call Genital Herpes includes my condition. For example, does your book Terri cover HSV-1 too?

    Also, I'm finding mixed information on whether someone with oral HSV-1 should be obligated to tell someone before they kiss them. I've found various prevalence figures for oral HSV-1 ranging from 30%-90% of the population. What is the accurate figure? If most of the population has it, would it be unethical to not tell someone before you kiss them?

    Thanks for any advice!!!
    betsyo1967 replied to QuirkyJon's response: has terrific info on hsv1 orally to learn more.

    In the US, hsv1 infection rates are 56%. That number is lower when you are in your early 20's and higher by the time you retire.

    It's pretty much up to you when you talk about your hsv1 infection. Certainly it needs to be discussed prior to oral sex if not before.
    Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)

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