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    Tingling/itching = Shedding?
    An_209020 posted:
    I have prodrome symptoms frequently even being on suppressive meds, does this indicate that i'm shedding the virus when I experience these symptoms?
    betsyo1967 responded:
    usually these symptoms are not related to your herpes when you have them frequently.

    how often are you having them?

    what are you taking for suppressive therapy?

    do you have hsv1 or hsv2?
    Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
    An_209021 replied to betsyo1967's response:
    I have HSV2, I have had HSV2 for about 12 years. I'm taking Acyclovir 400mg 2x/day. right now I'm having prodrome symptoms constantly, the only thing that seems to help is an outbreak dosage of Acyclovir, but it only helps while I'm on the higher dose.
    luvtosmile responded:
    I have been wondering the same thing... I don't have them constantly but for the last couple of weeks I have had them... I had been on valtrex 500mg once a day, but wanted to see how i did without it. I have hsv1 genital and stopped taking the valtrex about 6-7 weeks ago to see how I would do without it. I went back on it bc i thought this was shedding hated the constant paranoia of spreading it somewhere else on my body inadvertantly...
    abe648 replied to An_209021's response:
    How many actual ob's do you get over the course of the year? 3-4 or more than10/year?
    An_209022 replied to abe648's response:
    without suppressives i get at least 1 per month, on supprssives 3-4 a year.
    abe648 replied to An_209022's response:
    So that is approx 12 per year which means you should be on the higher dosage. Talk fo your provider about putting you on the higher dosage which will help to keep ob's to a lot less and most likely the tingling willl not be as much as a problem either.
    betsyo1967 replied to An_209022's response:
    are you male or female?

    can you describe your ob's?
    Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
    An_209023 replied to betsyo1967's response:
    I typically don't get a full on open sore, just an itchy bump that'll go away in a few days. lately though I'm getting prodrome symptoms much more frequently, wondering if I'm building up a resistance to Acyclovir? I've been on suppressive therapy for almost 9 years. Trying to protect my partner who does not have HSV.
    abe648 replied to betsyo1967's response:
    Betsy wanted to know if you are male or female. Please confirm same.
    An_209024 replied to abe648's response:
    Sorry I am female, 39 years old
    betsyo1967 replied to An_209024's response:
    have you been seen recently and tested for yeast and bacterial infections genitally?
    Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
    An_209025 replied to betsyo1967's response:
    Yes... Seems like this could be an easier question to answer. I've had this virus for 12 years and know what prodrome feels like. I have been tested for everything vaginally.
    betsyo1967 replied to An_209025's response:
    well when your pattern changes like this, odds are it's not your herpes causing it hence all the questions we are asking. BV especially can be asymptomatic as far as no obvious discharge but can cause lots of issues in us gals which is why I asked if you had recently been tested for it.

    itchy bumps can be due to many things and it's worth following up on if you are getting them frequently even while on suppressive therapy to rule out other causes.
    Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
    No_More_tingling responded:
    I have had Herpes Type 1 since 94. I do know what prodrome feels like. I had only 2 small outbreaks up until five years agoa.Turns out that I was infected with HPVType 16 the high risk kind that causes vulva cancer. I have had prodrome since the intitial infection which caused me to have a few bad pap smears. I did not know that I had Type 16 since they only give the results that you may have one of several high risk types but don't give you the specifics.

    The last five years have been hell. I started out taking 500 mg. of valtrex which worked for a while. When I went off it came back. Then I was on 500 mg. valtrex continuously. Then that didn't work anymore and the prodrome came back along with chronic fatigue syndrome. My body was totally exhausted from fighting this virus. When I would get prdrome I would get the exhaustion. So, my gynecologist who did not think this was herpes related because that is not how herpes acts, upped my valtrex to 1000 mg. everyday continuously. Then,k that didn't work anymore either and it seemed like the prodrome was spreading to other vaginal vulva areas. That is when I spotted a mole like spot and also a black shaded spot. I insisted that the mole be removed ,and sent into pathology. Even though my gynecologist thought it was nothing. Turns out it was VIN3 which is caused by HPV16. You can't see it with the eye at first. It is a very slow growing cancer . I had to have 8-9 quarter sized areas CO2 lasered off in surgery.

    After the areas heal, takes a month with burn cream on constant. The area heals up like nothing happened. Looks the same. I have my life back againl I no longer take Valtrex. I no longer have any symptoms of prodrome. I no longer have any chronic fatigue symptoms and it's absolutely heavenly!

    GET A COLPOSCOPY OF THE AREA. INSIST ON IT FOR YOUR OWN PEACE OF MIND !! TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HEALTH!! Men and women can get this, age is not a factor either.

    The medical community screws up when they don't type your bad pap smears. If I had know what type of HPV I had in the first place I could've been my own advocate and saved myself from this spreading like it did. Now I have to follow up with colposcopy's for the next five years. This is not fatal , I have only a 10% chance of getting this back . It stays mainly in the skin tissue area and as long as you stay on top of things, you have nothing to fear.

    I am so happy that this was found. I have my life back again and I hope that this helps someone out there like me. I searched and searched and found others with these same symptoms like mine, but no answers from those that had wrote or professionals.

    God's Blessings To All
    Get Healthy / Be your own advocate

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