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    Constant Prodrome
    Guy721 posted:
    I'm a 44yo male diagnosed with HSV-2 7 months ago. I've had only 1 initial OB which lasted about 10-12 weeks and no OB since. I take 1000mg Valacyclovir daily.

    I have had mild itching and gential claminess constantly since my initial OB. I believe it is prodromal but I'm puzzled about why the symptoms are so constant. I notice it daily and the symptoms seems to be slightly worse if I stop the medication.

    Any insights? Are any medications more effective at reducing prodromes?
    betsyo1967 responded:
    actually the itching and clamminess sounds like jock itch. might want to try an otc jock itch cream for a week and see if that helps with that. another option is some of the medication powders out there too - absorbs excess sweat and helps with itching too.
    Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
    jetlei04 responded:
    This sounds like the meds are warding off another outbreak which is why you may notice that it gets worse when you arent on the meds. Stay on your meds for suppressive therapy like you have been so that you dont have the outbreak. To me that is the best medicine for it and an outbreak can make your skin feel the way that your skin is feeling.
    abe648 responded:
    If you get the itch to go away then I have always found that by using some cornstarch on the genital areas helps to keep things dry down yoner and at the seme time makes you feel better because it is dryer. You can always drop a bit of cornstarch on your shorts as it will soack up any moisture that develops in the shorts as well. I hope this makes you feel better.
    Life can go on with Genital Herpes. If you are alone then there is someone who will love and accept you even with Genital Herpes. :-)-
    Khetherington responded:
    Actually I dont know if you have anymore issues but I have had it for over a year now with out ever really taking any meds. If you have an out break your best best is to make sure you healthy by jogging atleast three times a week for about thirthy mins, but if you have an outbreak use tea tree oil mixed with vit e oil and spread it on. Best if you do it right after a nice shower. But to keep the outbreaks from comming is to keep your body feeling good and staying away from crappy foods and off your butt.
    betsyo1967 replied to Khetherington's response:
    actually diet and exercise have little to do with how often you'll have recurrences.
    Talking about std testing is NORMAL and something we all should be doing EVERY TIME before we have sex with a new partner :)
    Kaianya3 responded:
    I have a bottle of hzv-zero that I use. I'm not sure if i'm just getting better over time, or if it's because I use this stuff when I feel itchy, but I don't have constant outbreaks any more. When I get me they clear up in maybe 2, 3, or 4 days now. So I'd go for that. I got mine online.
    robbins8887 responded:
    Ok, So I have had it for sixteen years and the best thing to do is get some Peppermint Oil (I like it from Dottera) and mix about 2 drops with 1/2 oz fractionated coconut oil. It cools the itching. I apply it about 3 times a day when the itching starts. Also, just so you know, the itching usually is your meds warding off an outbreak.
    An_247600 responded:
    I have the same question. For 4 yrs now, I've taken 1000mg of Valtrex and 6k-9k mg of Lysine daily. I eat lysine dominate food. Get enough sleep, most of the time. I exercise regularly, moderate cardio and weights, no an-aerobics. My research dictates I'm doing everything right.

    I haven't had one day I haven't felt itchy or have twangs. How can that be possible? I am frustrated beyond belief.
    No_More_tingling responded:
    I just went through this for the last five years. Turns out that I had been infected with HPV Type 16. This type of HPV leads to vulva cancer. Men can also get HPV so you should go get a colposcopy of the penis area. That is the only way to see the precancer. It is a very slow growing cancer. I had to have my vulva infected area CO2 lasered off. Since the surgery I no longer have prodrome and I no longer have to take Valtrex. I have my life back again and it's wonderful. I though mind was herpes related as well since I have Type 1 genital herpes. But, it was not! Please, please go to a gynecologist and get a colposcpy of the area. It is just a vinegar solution that they soak the tissue in and the areas that are infected will turn white. I hope I helped you.

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