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    Dynamiclear and Herpanacine
    chrisrum posted:
    I have used both and strongly recommend both. Mu dynamiclear stopped working as well since the summer... I believe it got too warm in the house on a few days and then that kills off the medicine in the bottle. I actually began researching herpes cures which is how I ended up here. I want to replace my bottle and someone mentions that it is illegal to ship to US. Yikes because it does work as described and It is a blessing. Really.... isn't it just a supplement and not an actual medication?

    OK.. Second is Herpanacine... I have taken Valtrex and Xcylovir when I first found out I have herpes and those drugs are very rough on my body PLUS it is an expensive route to go. Herpanacine is a vitamin supplement that really helps to avoid outbreaks and severely cuts down the effects and duration. Without these two supplements, my experience with this disease would be unbearable. The formal drugs did not work nearly as well as this combination for my body.
    Terri Warren, RN, ANP responded:
    Everyone is entitled to use treatments that work for them. However, before anyone goes out to buy these substances based on a single person's experience, it should be made clear that neither has demonstrated effectiveness in a well done clinical trial. If they would submit to clinical trial evaluation, it would reinforce positive comments from professionals.

    Both Valtrex (which is now generic as valacyclovir) and acyclovir have demonstrated effectiveness against oral and genital herpes. Acyclovir can be taken daily to reduce the frequency of recurrences and transmission for about $16 per month.

    Again, everyone should use what works for them, but when it comes to reducing transmission to someone else, I certainly would recommend ONLY those things that have demonstrated effectiveness.

    chrisrum replied to Terri Warren, RN, ANP's response:

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on the basis of your statement.

    On the other hand, The medical community and it's refined medications and research seems primarily interested in protecting itself.

    Thousands of years ago, humans all over the world had their superstitions, hopeful cures and plant life and medicine men. If you had an infection then you were to rub a root of some plant onto your body tho calm down the irritation or even speed healing. It was hokey and archaic but for some people it worked. These experiences are where some of the known facts (or clinical trials) came from. Modern medicine has taken universal truths proven over hundreds and thousands of years to build it's known results.

    We really do not know the complicated chemical structures involved in organic matter nor today's medicines because multiple people react differently to even the most refined medicines. That is just simple physics. I personally did not like the harshness of the Valtrex and Acyclovir in my body.... felt like some sort of subtle bleach coursing through my veins and tissues. It just didn't feel right for me.

    I take vitamins and the Herpanacine (has Lysine in it) to calm down possible outbreaks and for actual outbreaks, I put Dynamiclear on my genital area to stop the sore's progression as well as speed healing. I routinely get scabs and healing within 6 hours of application and the painful swelling of the sores begins to go down within 30 minutes or so. SO, 6 hours later, I feel much better... More human and just normal. It is a combination that works quicker than the prescribed brands for me and much better fit. I feel almost normal.

    Update... I just got a new bottle of Dynamiclear and the mixture and application system is updated and a lot better. Now it is a mixture including a cooling gel and is pumped out like a face cream or facial moisturizer. It is much like Aloe Vera and is ready to use out of the pump. The old formula required mixing with water. Very good upgrade to the handeling and use of the product. Very satisfied with this product. Except for some stinging on application, the Dynamiclear fits nicely into my regimen. Personally, I like the stinging because it is like putting Hydrogen Peroxide on a wound... somehow you know it is working. If you put it on unbroken skin, there is no stinging at all (with me anyway) so you know you have treated a sore if it DOES sting.

    Really, I am looking down the road and for the long term. Until there is an ACTUAL cure, I will try my best to keep my body healthy and not use substances that are not as natural as possible to treat my condition. Who knows what the medical community will come up with next? I am open to both options.

    ColeGirl556 replied to chrisrum's response:
    Thanks for the great info

    I also came across this info about copper sulphate (The main ingredient in Dynamiclear which is only used in the USA as a pesticide now and never on humans in the USA)

    The link is from Cornell University which I think can be trusted and it says Copper Sulphate is very hazerdous and even when used as a pesticide the US EPA make manufacturers stamp "DANGER" on containers (even though they are not meant for direct use on people like Dynamiclear)

    Are you not having the extreme burning I have seen reported on other message boards?
    I saw many people on other message boards say Dynamiclear burned so badly that some even had to seek medical attention, and others tried once and could never use again.

    Chris did you find any other information that might clear these up. Truth be told I am so desperate I might still try a small amount so I am gathering all possible info. I must admit with Copper Sulphate being listed as hazerdous and dangerous by the EPA I am concerned for my health too.
    An_255654 replied to ColeGirl556's response:
    I find it interesting and scary that Chris disappeared after you challenged his comments about Dynamiclear. Moreover, no conventional or traditional doctor I have spoke with has recommended it. It is easy for a company to create a hocus product by buying up website domains and creating hundreds if not thousands of fake reviews and testimonials like the one from Christopher above. This company is probably burning the herpes lesions off with a dangerous chemical which creates scabs which look like it's healing faster. Very very dangerous and shameful. Beware of this product.

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