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    wondering if i should get circumcised?
    The_B_Man posted:
    so i'm about to turn 30 this year and i've been in a healthy relationship with my girlfriend for about 6 months now, but every now and then we get to talking about our sex lives with each other, mainly this discussion turns to the subject of my dick. The thing is i'm not circumcised and i wonder about getting it done sometimes. My girlfriend tells me how i'm the only guys she's ever been with that still has a foreskin, and that she likes the look of a "cut" guy better. Personally i like the "cut" look better too, but i'm worried about losing the sensation in the head of my penis after the operation, what if sex is never the same???? i don't think i could live with the feeling of having less sensational sex for the rest of my life.
    --so i wanna ask the guys: whats your take on it? i wouldn't mind getting cut, but is it worth the risk? has anyone ever had the surgery done that has any useful input? if you ARE cut, how do you like it? input would be REALLY helpful, thanks guys.
    fcl responded:
    You'll find some discussion on the subject here too:[email protected]@#0
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    fcl responded:
    You might find this an interesting link while you decide what to do:
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    abe648 responded:
    So it appears that your relativly new GF likes giys that are cut. Is she really accepting you for you. There are pros and cons of each. One thing is that if you get cut you can not go back to being uncut. I have heard that those who are cut have greater sensation in the head of the penis. The con is that

    I guess does she love you for you just the way you are. What if you get cut and then she leaves you and now you realize that you wish you had not gotten cut?

    If she loves you she will love all of you just the way you are.

    I would ask her if she has a reason vor wanting you to get cut? Think long and hard before you decide to get cut.

    Give us some feedback on what you are thinking so we can give you more info.
    fcl replied to abe648's response:
    Along the same lines ... If she sid that she would like you more with blue, blond, grey hair ... would you do the necessary to do it?
    If she doesn't like you as you are ... what will it take?
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    elle0317 responded:
    I happen to like the look of an uncut penis. Rather than having the head exposed, to me that looks weird.
    Stay the way you are, b/c once it's done you can never go back.
    Indigenous responded:
    Cut when I was born. Good thing too. When we were dating --my wife of 9 years-- was about to see mine for the first time, and she thought to herself, "Please be circumcised!" She'd dated at least one man that wasn't, and was turned off by his. Don't remember if she saw it, or he told her.

    But I have heard that the longer you go/older you get then decide to get cut, the pain is extraordinary. That's only what I've heard. I don't know.

    As far as pleasure is concerned, I have no problem having great sex. I'm almost 45, and would love it more frequently, so, I guess being cut hasn't slowed me down any. And, I would think that, in my personal opinion, having to pull the extra skin back just get at all of the sensitive areas would be complicated.

    No one can decide this for you. Weigh it carefully, then make your decision. But, as a cut man, I very much enjoy all of the pleasure mine gives me. No complaints here!
    The_B_Man responded:
    alright so overall some good first advice, thanks guys. I wasn't considering getting cut simply to please my girlfriend if thats what a lot of you were thinking; the fact that she likes cut men simply brought the issue to my attention more because i had been thinking about it for a while. Some people have even told me that once you're cut, you grow bigger, but i have my doubts i think at this age there won't be much more developing going on.

    Indigenous: thats sorta why i'm asking for input. a foreskin tends to get in the way of some things, like when i ejaculate it can catch a lot of it, my glans penis has amazing sensation during sex but when anything touches it otherwise it can be very uncomfortable, and sometimes i think i'd prefer a harder glans that isn't sensitive to EVERYTHING ya know? my foreskin usually slides back behind my head during sex but at times it can be cumbersome, especially when putting on a condom. I also find that skin residue tends to get caught under it and the only way i can clean a place like that is to blast my cock with hot water in the shower, not too fun.
    gymrat44 replied to The_B_Man's response:
    I'm uncircumcised and am glad to be that way. I call it 'Penis Classic': have you ever seen a statue where the penis has been circumcised?
    Jaimarie_109 responded:
    Well honestly I dnt think ur gilfriiend has accepted u yet, because if she id hen that wouldnt have came out of her mouth, what if u never get it cut off, then she probably wont continue to have sex with u....I mean is it sanitary to have the foreskin, cuz I never seen how thats looks. But just do what u want to do, at the end of the day its ur descision, but that gf of yours, you might wanna look into her, and make sure she's there for you or the penis...
    Jaimarie_109 replied to gymrat44's response:
    lol not at all, but i do have a question, and dontbe afended by it, but did u ever ask her mother why she never got u circumsized, i mean its not like its was ur choice, so how did that whole situation go??? Im curious....
    The_B_Man replied to Jaimarie_109's response:
    no i've never asked my parents about that, it makes me kinda uncomfortable to talk to my parents about sexual issues even though i'm an adult haha,
    hairyd replied to The_B_Man's response:
    B- - , This is a good time to ask your father. Is your father cut? You are talking about Your body with another male. Your father can share as a older male to cut or uncut.
    Your ARE Not talking about sex with your girlfriend with your father which would also be ok.
    If you choose to clip the skin will you do it in secret?

    Keep us posted
    Jaimarie_109 replied to The_B_Man's response:
    lol...oh okay, well thats ok, cause i still cant go to my parents and talk about sex either, its so
    fcl replied to Jaimarie_109's response:
    Maybe his parents considered that it was his choice (his body, his choice) and decided to allow him to decide upon it when he became an adult?
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.

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