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    ryanof1984 posted:
    Hi, so im 26, i got married a year and a half ago and my wife and I have sex about 5 -6 times a week. the duration it takes me to cum varies a lot, sometimes ill last 20 minutes (which is the longest ive lasted and sometimes i cum within 2 minutes. I usually last between the 2-8 minute mark. are there any suggestions, besides masturbating before hand, Ive tried that a bunch of times and i just find that i dont feel like intercourse for a while after i masterbate. Usually when i know im going to cum ill stop thrusting but usually being inside her still excites me to cum. Whats the average time guys usually take to cum during regular intercouse.
    Jumper197074857 responded:
    2-8 minutes is actually about the average time for a guy. I'm in the same boat as you. There are a few times when I can last considerably longer than normal but typically I'm done within just a couple of minutes. A couple of other things you can try is using a condom or using a desensitizing cream/gel. Both have pro's and con's.

    But if you're concerned about pleasuring your wife before you ejaculate, focus on her during foreplay paying special attention to her clitoris. You can manually or orally stimulate her or even incorporate the use of a clitoral vibrator.
    ryanof1984 replied to Jumper197074857's response:
    Ive used condoms before that have the desensitizing gel and of course the 2 problems with that are that im wearing a condom and the other is that the gel works a little too well in my opinion. Plus we dont even use condoms.

    I feel better to hear about the average time. On the issue of female orgasms, is there a position that has a more of a chance of giving her an orgasm, I think ive given her a O but im not sure.
    abe648 responded:
    If you are not sure if you have given your wife and orgasm then you need to sit down and talk to her and Not in the bedroom. Talk to her and ask her if she has had an orgasm. You need to know so that if she has not had an orgasm while having sex with you then the two of you need to sit down and figur out what can be done to get her to vaginal orgasm. Have you ever stimulated her Clitoris? If not then ask her if she would like you to stimulate her clitoris and if she says yes then when you do it ask her what she likes and what will give her an orgasm from clitoral stimulation.At least she is getting some,release. BIf she is not getting an orgasm from vaginal intercourse then you need to work on this as well. Do not hesitate to get a good sex manual. If that does not help then take the time to seek help from a sex therapist to get your love life on track. The time you spend now will pay dividents in the long run. God Bless you two.
    saltydogalan responded:
    Your time is probably about average. If you want to delay eejaculation a prescription for zoloft or gabapentin can work. Zoloft even made me unable to ejaculate at all until I stopped using it. Most times now my wife sucks me and then climbs on top for a while. When we roll over most times I go down and eat her to orgasm before moving back up to re-enter hher. Then I can cum knowing she is already satisfied. As one of the other responders mentioned, you should talk it over with her to see if she needs more stimulation than you're giving her.
    ryanof1984 replied to saltydogalan's response:
    I did inquire about if I am satisfying my wife in bed and she said that I am (which I has suspected, but just never confirmed or was positive). Just not all the time cause obviously when I cum quickly she doesnt reach an orgasm. But when I do last longer her does have an orgasm. I dont wish to take pills or wear condoms. I just dont know what to do when 2 minutes arrive and im already at the point of no return when I stop thrusting.
    HairyD replied to ryanof1984's response:
    1984, your a normal man. sex is not a race therefore each time there could be a differant person that comes first. If your partner needs some help. Drop down and let the tongue help finish what the penis started. Then let her win the second time. I have never understood the threads were the dudes are told masturbate first; both partners should enjoy the warm up.

    LOVE is not a Word; LOVE is give the other person what that Want. There is not place for self in a marriage.
    glanc15 replied to HairyD's response:
    Great Answer.. Harry D to 1984.. basically we are all wired about the same when it comes to a normal and healthy sex life, just sat back and enjoy each other have lot and lots of fun be a little freaky and move on.. remember we are here to please Each Other .. sex is the best thing God gave to us enjoy it take the stop watch out of your mind..
    GuardSquealer replied to ryanof1984's response:
    She says you are satisfying her, but is she having orgasms? The majority of women do not have orgasms during intercourse. Except for one woman, all the rest of required either manual stimulation, a vibrator or Oral to orgasm. The one that could have an orgasm during intercourse had to be on top and she basically rubbed her clitoris on my pelvis while I was inside of her.

    Many women find intercourse satisfying and some that have never had an orgasm do not realize what they are missing.

    I suggest you go online and purchase a small vibrator and some lube. And surprise her with it. Gently use it on her until she climaxes and then have intercourse.

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