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    Having troubles with erections
    MarkNB posted:
    Hey guys,
    I'm 45 years old been married now 10 plus years, and I love my wife dearly. I am having troubles for some time keeping an erection, its not from ejaculating to quickly, some times I don't even do that when we go soft. I love the things my wife does to me to turn me on. But it seems like over the past few years I've been goin' soft, and nothing then I have to help her finish.

    I've tried two types of meds, so far and with all honesty only thing I've gotten is a wicked headache, or my sinuses really get stuffed, but no really firmness like I"m supposed to get.

    One thing I've never really been what I would call rock hard, even when I was younger like in my teens. I've talked to other men who talk about how their penis pains from being so hard, and how they would have to masturbate to relieve themselves. But this is not me....even my 23 year old son, who's talked to me about sexual issues and how he's having to masturbate to release the pressure, and all I can think is you lucky SOB and at times I get depressed.

    I try with all thats in me to keep a stiff upper lip about this, but its having an effect on my love life to the point I don't want to try and thats bad.

    Been to my family Doctor, whose sent me to an urologist whose done some tests, and after a year of going to and from, Nothing! and a year later I"m still no farther ahead, I try not to think about it sometimes, but man its starting to get to me, some times when I"m home alone I even try to just make myself watch some porn to see if that would help, nothing!! same thing I go flat.

    I'm not sure what to do any more we keep tryin' cause my wife she's such a doll about this.......any suggestions???
    MarkNB responded:
    One or two other things I forgot to mention, I'm not a smoker, in fact I haven't touched any tobacco products for years. I don't drink, nor am I on any type of drugs(legal/or street) I try to keep active by walking, but honestly if I don't do hard physical exercise then its a waste of my time, cause I don't sweat enough the other way.

    I was on meds for cholesterol, but my last Dr appointment he took me off them as well.......I am not sure what else to do.....
    I'm getting very frustrated, even the time my wife and I do manage to get me hardish we still end up having to finish by masturbating
    HairyD replied to MarkNB's response:
    Mark, you should not stop enjoying sex. Because your penis is not rock hard. Be THANKFUL it is able to get erect. I am not able to give you any help. But there has been many times. When I was in the aggressive pain from my rock hard penis. But was not able to masturbate to release the pressure.
    The firmest of the penis; is just like the lenght it can not be increased.
    Have you used wieghts or any can of exercise on your dick. Hoping to make it longer. This will damage your sex organ. Therefore causing a limp penis.

    Man APPRECIATE your penis. Alot men I see each day wish they could get a semi hard.
    Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
    MarkNB replied to HairyD's response:
    Hey HD,
    No I've never done any of those tricks to try firming it up, I've never been what you call rock hard, nor would I know about the pian from a full erection. I do appreciate it, just want some Idea to help increase the erection. I've even tried just her and I just playin' with it, allowing it to get hard, teasing in different ways, but not ejaculating or anything, but still things are about the same,. I'm loosing weight now so I"m hoping things will change...

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