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    Fall and Winter, over-active libido
    ongawesgone posted:
    I'm not complaining about having a strong libido, still, at 45, but wonder why it seems so much stronger during Fall and Winter? I live in the northern tier of states, and, for whatever reason, when Fall/Winter comes in, I'm hornier than ever. During summer, I'm always naked in the house, and am usually commando in shorts when I go outside. And am just as horney then too.

    Wife and I aren't privileged to have a fireplace or a "bare"-skin rug, but maybe it's my fantasy of she and I having sex in front of a burning fireplace on a bare-skin rug that triggers these upswings in my libido.

    And too, it could be my fantasy of me coming in from shoveling snow/outdoor work, and she strips me of my clothes for some good sex. But then, that seldom happens when I'm commando in shorts during summer, either. hahahahahahaha

    I massaged her feet yesterday, then left her a note saying: I'm next in line for a massage, but it won't be my feet getting the massage. An area a few feet above them, that will give more satisfaction, will be getting the massage. Hasn't happened yet...

    Anybody else have certain times of year when their libido skyrockets?
    DeadManWalking57 responded:
    It might be your blood pressure is up, and cool weather will do it.

    That same high blood pressure can be a major trigger for heart disease. I had no performance issues at all right up to my triple bypass surgery. 93% of all my cardiac circulation was blocked.

    At 45, its time to change over to a very heart healthy diet, and be sure to get regular moderate exercise for 30-60 minutes almost everyday. And, sorry, the sex does not count as exercise.
    ongawesgone replied to DeadManWalking57's response:
    I really don't think I'm in that bad of shape. A little bit of the flabby belly, otherwise, in good health. Weighed myself recently and am at 170, which is only the second time in my life I've been that "heavy". I do alot of standing/walking at work, lifting at work, and, when I'm not too tired after work, I work in a good 1-1/2 - 2 mile walk around town. During summer/better weather, I ride my bicycle to work.

    I think it's just me. Thanks for the reply.
    HairyD replied to ongawesgone's response:
    Dude, sound normal to me. I am also hornier in the coolier months. 1) more blood circulations to the balls; therefore more Testosterone is spreaded thru the male body. 2) wife requesting more Cuddling ; therefore more Plucking......
    Bring on the snow. But remember more pregancy and therefore more babies in the spring and summer. Enjoy the pus anytime of the year!!!!!!!
    Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
    ongawesgone replied to HairyD's response:

    I also eat alot of peanuts. I'm hypoglycemic --need to keep my blood-sugar up-- and they are a great quick protein snack for bringing up sugar, if need be. But also read in Men's Health mag in my 30's, that peanuts, not only being good for you, are also testosterone boosters. When I told my wife, she said, "You don't need your testosterone boosted anymore than it already is!" hahahahahahhahahaa

    And, I have to disagree with DeadMan, sex is great exercise! Depending on the position(s) it's being done in, a man works alot of muscles and gets his heart racing. I'm well out of breath, in a good way, afterward. Then I usually bound out of bed --if that's where we are-- get dressed and go eat. Full of energy!
    Swan88 replied to DeadManWalking57's response:
    Sex is a very good form of exercise if you are doing it right.

    I find most men are horny in winter, spring, summer and fall. They are horny when getting a great deal of sex and horny when they don't get any sex.

    I think women are trying to catch up and younger women feel more free to be as horny as men. I doubt we will ever catch up though.

    I would think the less restrictive clothing of summer and women wearing less would make men hornier during summer if ever.

    Your wife should feel fortunate that you have such a strong libido and you are available to please her with a foot massage or more any time. But be careful many women enjoy a foot massage more than sex.

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