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    Semi-broken penis?
    lbnm3 posted:
    Just for starters, some basic information: I'm a 23 (24 in a month) year old male, with no major medical issues ever, and have been relatively normal and healthy for most of my life.

    Over the past month or so, I've been having issues with my penis. It's always worked fine, but now I'm questioning what is happening. About three weeks ago, I noticed that my penis had kind of an angle in the middle when it is semi-erect. Now, I KNOW that it is normal for a penis to have a slight bend or twist (I've always had a slight one), and that is not what this question is about. However, I did notice that this bend and twist got more exaggerated when I started to notice this problem - however, it's still nothing that I would say is unusual.

    The best way I can describe this is that it's like watching a hose that was bent backwards. The end connected to the water (for my penis, the lower half) seems to get hard just fine, but the top part has to slowly bend up at an angle before it's able to fully work. That's what my penis seems to be doing: the bottom half seems to be able to get hard, but I feel like the top half is SUPER weak.

    Here's my concern: though I have a girlfriend, and we have a normal, healthy sexual relationship (having sex once or twice a week, on average), I do still tend to masturbate a lot. And I'll admit, probably more than I should for someone in a healthy relationship. Some days, I can masturbate four or five times in one sitting. When I do this, sometimes I will try to masturbate while my penis is no longer erect, and I'm almost "bending" my soft penis as I masturbate. I've done this a little too often, I think, as I noticed that this "bend" that I mentioned earlier happens almost exactly where my hand stops gripping myself along my shaft. The odd thing is that I am still able to get very, FULLY erect after trying for a bit, so I know I'm not 100% broken, though this does seem to take longer now. Also, while flaccid and while semi-erect, the bottom half of my penis seems extra tight - not hard and thick like it should be, but tight and bendy, as if the "tubes" and cartilage inside were squeezing together.

    With this issue now, I feel like I'm having trouble getting fully erect. I've talked with my girlfriend about this, and I've sworn off porn and masturbation until I can fix this (it's been about a week now, fully successful), though, as I'm trying to make sure that I'm still working properly, we decided if the mood strikes us, we'll still have sex. I've noticed since not using porn or masturbating, I get aroused faster when my girlfriend and I are kissing/during foreplay, but my penis still doesn't seem to get fully erect, and it is very bendy, especially at the base and in that middle section I've mentioned. Now I'm too scared to try anything on the off chance that any action will damage it more.

    I'm afraid of a few things here: I'm afraid that I've permanently broken or bent myself beyond repair, and I'm afraid of the mental issues that this is causing. I know I can get super hard (though it hasn't happened since I've sworn off porn and masturbation - with my girlfriend, I usually enter her when I'm pretty hard, so there's still some bend/give), but I'm afraid that I'm broken and it can't happen anymore, so I'm afraid to try. And then there's the issue of the bend in the middle while semi erect. In fact, if not totally flaccid and soft, everything (especially the lower half) seems bendy and tight, not hard, and it has the angle in the middle, with the upper half much softer. I know it's not a broken penis (I've looked that up - there's no discoloration, no painful tear at the moment of breakage), but is it possible that it's a sprain, or some kind of strain? And could I be suffering from over-exhaustion sexually? Not masturbating seems to help my arousal, but not the rigidity of my penis.

    I'm very much at a loss here, and I'm hoping someone experienced something similar or can give me some advice.
    abe648 responded:
    This is something that you need to have seen by a Doc. Do not try to self diagnose this issue. Don't put this off. It could be something normal or minor or something that needs prompt assessment.
    vinis responded:
    Hi lbnm3,Could you update us on your status?
    Things got better? I have the same problem.


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