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    Penis enlargement pills - Scam or solution?
    Smilesalott44 posted:
    Hey y'all,
    I'm curious about Vimax, VigRx, Male Extra and the like. I did a google search and all reviews seem to be sites probably created from these manufacturers/marketers, all positive...uhmm. So I turned to WedMD, first, to find any information on these supplements. Secondly, to find out what a "normal penis size" is and found a great article "Is my penis to small?" very informative. Thirdly, to find answers to a lot of lurking questions as to where my insercurities lie.
    That article touched on a sucsessful mechanical device and surgical options. It mentioned herbal pills for ED but did not delelve into any enhancement or enlargement pills on the market.
    So, here, I find myself reading a blog (never done this before) and prompting discussion on this issue.
    You may be wondering what my story is...let me share....I'm 48 yrs old not a big man at all....5'8" tall 150 lbs.....I know where you went with that....have had insecurities about that all growing up. Always picked on about being smaller then my I'll take it middle school, the shower is where it all started, kids can be so mean....most kids were hitting puberty and I was still 6-10' smaller and hadn't gotten there yet....when one kid made a small and bald comment about my penis and everyone else ran with it. In there years to follow have always been insecure about my size regardless of affirmations from numerous lovers that I said had nothing to be ashamed of, what do you think resounds louder? Now having seen a bit of porn on the internet and I know that these guys aren't average but I can't help but think I could I feel more secure and more confident if only.....
    All that being said, let the discussion being....let your comments be as big or as small.....alright size doesn't matter here...but how you say it does!

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    emotional8 responded:
    I have had problems with this same issue my whole life and get very depressed about it every so often. I have been married for the last 2 years and although my wife states that I do not have an issue, I still feel inadequate. I also have very limited sexual history and feel lacking in that department as well. I am also working out of town and away from family so the sexual time that I spend with my wife is very important to me. Is there anything that I can do to make myself okay with my penis and performance in bed?
    vikkiescalonaup responded:
    What You Should Know About Male Extra Pills

    The most common myth about male enhancement pills is that they can be harmful for penis health. However, that's not always true. When you buy from a trusted source, these pills can give your penis some extra length without causing any harmful side effect. Since these pills are not FDA approved, they are usually not found in brick-and-mortar medical stores. However, you can easily buy them from online portals. Read on to know some vital things about male extra pills.

    Things to Know About Male Extra Pills

    Male extra pills help increasing blood flow to the penis. Eventually, this leads you to achieve stronger erection and longer penis size. Following are the important things to know about these pills:

    1. Ingredients
    You should take a look at the list of ingredients before buying these products. Reputed companies generally use herbal products, such as pomegranate, L-Arginine, Epimediaum Sagittatum, Tangkat Ali, Maca, Zinc, dodder seed and cayenne pepper. You should consider avoiding a product that contains excessive chemical ingredients.

    1. Benefits
    Regular use of male extra pills may help in increasing testosterone level as well as the flow of blood in the tissues of your penis. It also decreases aromatization of test into estrogen. You can expect the following benefits after completing a course of these pills:

    ? More control over ejaculations
    ? Increase in libido
    ? Harder and stronger penis when erected
    ? Boost in self confidence
    ? Improvement in the length and girth of the penis

    Another benefit of using these pills is that you can carry them conveniently with you.

    1. Course of the medication
    It's important to consult a doctor in order to know how long you should continue taking these medicines. In general, a course gets completed within three months. You can expect some improvement during the course. After taking the pills for a month, you are likely to have an increased desire of having sex. Control over ejaculations is also likely to increase. After completing two months, you may notice improvements in the width and length of the male organ. Then after the third month, you may notice a growth of around inch in the penis length.

    1. Side effects
    Some men may experience some initial side effects, such as nasal congestion, facial flushing, headache, pain in the back, problem in the digestive system and pain in the muscle. However, there is nothing to worry as long as you are under the guidance of an expert doctor.

    1. How to buy
    Choosing a reliable company for buying male extra pills is quite a daunting task. You should carefully consider a company's reputation before buying any of its products. The best way to judge a company is reading reviews on it over the Internet. You should also visit the company's website and read the testimonials.

    Now that you know how to enlarge your penis with the use of pills, you can use this technique for improving your penis health as well. For best results, you can also continue doing penile exercises, such as jelqing, kegeling and stretching alongside medications.

    Anon_475 replied to vikkiescalonaup's response:
    Reading reviews on the Internet in no way guarantees the reliability of a company.

    There are no pills that increase penis size. If there were it would be announced as the breakthrough of the century and youi wouldn't have to resort to buying online.

    The fact that a product is herbal (and L-Arginine is NOT, it's an amino acid, nor is zinc, it's a mineral) does not guarantee either its safety nor its results.

    Estrogen is a useful hormone that is essential for the formation of healthy sperm. Why would you want to lose your body's balance in hormones.

    CAVEAT EMPTOR! Your money will be better spent on therapy to help you accept your body as it is rather than throw it away on snake oil.
    elle0317 replied to vikkiescalonaup's response:
    It's a scam! They are all a scam!! Use what you've got, your tongue, your fingers, your BRAIN and most importantly your LOVE! and you will have no problem satisfying a woman.
    elle0317 replied to sid_aga's response:
    THERE ARE NO PILLS!!! they are all a scam and will do nothing but lighten your wallet!
    doogood responded:
    Smiles - others who have responded before me are correct - there is no magic pill that is going to add 1, 2 3 inches to your manhood. The best these pills do is increase your libido or your sensativity and then maybe cause a fuller erection. But this is a temporary solution. I;ve tried Enzyte and another brand and L-Arginine which like Anon475 states is an amino acid. I will say that the L-Arginine did create a pleasant side affect. Since it helps in relaxing the blood vessels it also helps in getting an erection a little faster, a little longer and a little fuller. That, in my opinion and my wife's - is a GREAT side effect! However, this is not a long term solution and like any other supplement, must be taken with caution. It also is temporary. I also have to agree with Elle. There are more creative ways to satisfy your partner and yourself. Did you know that the most sensative portion of a woman's vagina is the first three inches and when the tip of your manhood starts smacking into a cervix it is not enjoyable for your female partner. On the other hand, if your partner is male and you like to engage in anal sex, which do you think he's going to want plowing into him - something that's a fun ride or a log splitter? Enjoy your given "talent"! Oh and as far as online porn goes and the sizes you're seeing; have you been to your local gym locker room lately? trust me, no one there is that big - well maybe that one guy - who knows it and likes to show off. That doesn;t make him the "bigger" man just a show off who probably doesn;t have anything else going for him.
    parvezalamsid responded:
    I visited H ashmi Dawakhana, UP, Amroha and tried sikander-e-azam plus capsules as suggested by my best friend. I have noticed a considerable increase in my penis size. I have gained 2 inches in length and almost half inch in girth.
    bmbubya3 responded:
    there isn't a normal size flaccid penis
    An_257586 responded:
    Well, it's either flaccid or it's stretched as far as you can pull it. Don't see the point myself. Stretching the heck out of it has less to do with penis size than with skin elasticity.

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