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    Where are the wives of Lo T Husbands?
    ahop2012 posted:
    Trying to find a group or community of wives dealing with husbands of Lo T. Hard to understand exactly what my husband is going through right now, but dealing with the mood swings and chronic fatigue is getting rough! I feel completely worthless as a wife! What happened to our marriage! I just want my husband back. . .
    booboo46 responded:
    I feel like such a failure as a wife. I cant turn my husband on. What the freak, in the not so distant past he kissed my neck usually while i did dishes, he led me to our bedroom.
    now i barely get a smile. i think he's already bored of me and just dont want to hurt my feelings.i want so much to feel my husbands naked hard body against me, ive missed him so much
    in 5 years i cant seem to get enough of him and he wants no part of me.. i have no one i can talk to because i am so embarrased because i am so worthless.I ask him to do certain things
    but he wont do them because i am asking for too much. how can we compromise and do things for eachother when it seems like i apologize for everything i want and need. he doesnt have much
    conversation with me daily because we are together to much and there is nothing to say. we've only been back together 4 months and already bored with me. what the hell am i going to do?
    i cant live crying myself to sleep at night and putting on a smile during the day because i want to avoid fighting about this again.hell the reason i start fights sometimes i because i
    at least get him to interact with me. god i am so pathetic!!!! i even dreamed that i checked his facebook and his ex girlfriend had a fake profile and was on his friends and they were secretly messaging
    and he promised her he wouldnt have sex with me... and he was planning to take jake from me and go back to her, that nightmare woke me up shaking and i didnt sleep the rest of the night and
    all i could do was cry...i dont know how much longer i can continue like this, SOMETHING has to change... I WANT MY HUSBAND BACK!!!!!!!! i want dancing,laughing,fun,sex,conversations, i want
    to feel like we're in love and just got together which we did.i am going to EXPLODE my hurt and anger and frustration is building up im not sure how much longer i can hold it in.
    I want him to really talk to me about whats going on, i want to please him but when i woke him up to have sex i said a few days later i hope that was ok and he replied it got done what you
    needed it to right, wtf kind of answer was that, you must not have enjoyed it then. DAMN IM NOT WHO HE DESIRES. god just kill me now
    i hate not being intimate with my husband i die a little more each day we go without touching and making love. he's grouchy, barely sleeps and wants me especially to leave him alone so sad and confused
    Polfsky replied to booboo46's response:
    Booboo, I'm sad for you. I really you can get a marriage counseling, and I hope your husband will be willing to go with you too.
    booboo46 replied to Polfsky's response:
    he is but we have no insurance to pay for it. he says it'll get better soon. but we only been back together 4 months and 2 of the months have been like this ....... every day that goes by i feel the bond between us loosen i am struggling with being "in love" with him anymore and he doesnt seem to care
    invisible_328 replied to booboo46's response:
    I almost felt like the person writing the original comment was me.... I am a 25yr old woman who is still very sexual, my boyfriend and I at one time in our relationship would have sex 2 or 3 times a day, he is a 39 yr old blk male and I had never been more sexually satisied and comfortable wit a man in my life as I was with him. Nor had I been more happy and in love in a relationship... then some unexpected events forced me to have to go away for about 7 months... the first few months he did wonderful stayed right by side, then the last 3 he disappeared into thin air(so to speak) upon my return home he magically appeared to apologize and ask for another chance. I accepted both and was just thankful to be back with the man who once made me so happy.... ONLY NOW, I am lucky to get intercourse weekly, the man who seemed to love giving me oral sex won't even roll off of his back when we do have intercourse. We dont kiss or hug or look or touch or any of those things that made me feel so wonderful and confident in our relationship, I try and try to tlk to him about it and he seems to think there isn't any problem or is unwilling to admit to it but I am almost starting to wonder if he is trying to drop a hint for me and I am still here holding on cause I may have dyed my hair one time to many and don;t seem to pick up to well on hints. It has sent me into one of the worst depressions I have ever had and it just never seems to get any better!!!
    vectorj replied to invisible_328's response:
    I so wished I'd seen this sooner, there are so many of us going through the same thing. I am 31 and have been married for 10 years now with 3 kids and lately he could go for weeks without sex. I would often tease telling him that we have it backwards it is suppose to be me not wanting sex, but I think it is the one on one attention and intimacy that i long for, I am a very affectionate person and he isn't. I know how you all feel and it does make a person very depressed ans it makes your self esteem start to spiral, so since the men are not man enough to find a way to fix it I guess it's my responsibility. Does anyone know of a way to decrease libido in women???
    booboo46 replied to invisible_328's response:
    finally after going to marriage counseling, i would like to say things are much better for us. we talk, cuddle, make out, laugh and love again. he still has trouble getting and maintain g an erection but health ins will kick in and he will go to the dr. he has shown me he really does love and desire me as we obtained some sex toys for help. i still from time to time struggle with my self esteem but i realize now it's really not about me at all. please seek professional help. good luck
    booboo46 replied to vectorj's response:
    is using sex toys an option? not just alone but with him as to give him a sense of pleasing you. we went through marriage counseling and our relationship is 10 times better. and this month health ins kicks in for him to see a dr. take 15 minutes each day of uninterrupted talk time, no kids,phones,computers ect... no tense topics but learn to fall in love again with the person they have become not who they were..we have a nightly 30 minutes of cuddling,kissing, hugging. it feels great. good luck

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