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    Ejaculation during exam
    laxer posted:
    A couple of weeks ago i was getting an ultra sound on my groin and the doc was using lube and it was hot. i was wearing shorts but they were rolled up very tightly. Anyways, i got an erection and he proceeded with the ultra sound. I had not ejaculated in a while and the ultra sound felt very good for some reason. I felt that i was about to cum and i kinda leaned up a little bit and the doc kept going and i shot a giant load all into my pants. The doc didnt know but it was very embarrassing for me. Has something like this ever happened to someone while at the doctor?

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    Came35 responded:
    My first adult exam, it had been sometime since I had sex and I didn't think anything of it until the doctor started examining my stomach. I had on small briefs and he started pressing around my crotch I started getting a little excited. He then asked if I would remove my underware and get on all fours. As I did that, I long bead of precum started seeping out of my penis. He didn't notice at first, then when he did, he just gave me a Kleenex to wipe myself. It wasn't a big deal, but I was totally embarrassed.
    92135_man replied to Came35's response:
    Came35 did you doctor give you an anal inspection? Is that why you were dripping pre cum? and did the doc say anything about it?
    Came35 replied to 92135_man's response:
    yes, there was an anal exam involved! it was very through.
    gymrat44 responded:
    No, I never have ejaculated accidentally in the doctor's office, but there were at least two times when I wish I had! I had become so physically aroused during my session with the doctor that getting myself to ejaculate was my first priority as soon as I could after leaving.

    The first time was when I was a young teen-ager, maybe 14 or 15. I was having a complete physical done by a doctor who was not my usual MD. He and I were alone in the examining room and I was surprised when he had me take off all my clothes and had me lie down on my back completely nude on his examining table. I relaxed and let him go about his work of poking and pressing at me, starting at the top of my chest and going back and forth, each time a little lower down. By the time he started going back and forth below my belly button I started to feel stirrings in my penis. I wasn't embarassed but I was surprised and continued to be relaxed and to lie still. As he went further and further down I became harder and harder and finally I could feel my penis bobbing up and down with each heartbeat, that's how aroused I was! The whole thing was new but I didn't have any preparation or experience to compare it with so just accepted the goings on from an authority figure. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more of his poking without shooting a load he had me roll over onto my stomach while he did the same poking to my back. Eventually my hard-on subsided and it was gone by the time he was through although the tingling in my penis remained until I was able to get home, go to the bathroom and masturbate.

    When he was through he left me to get dressed while he talked with my parents. Later that day my father told me while beaming with pride that the doctor had told him that I had developed into "a fine young man." So, I thought, the doctor had told him all about my bobbing erection and possibly it was part of a physical development test -- to this day I'm still not sure why it was done. But I do remember that I enjoyed the experience, why wouldn't I?

    The second time I can say I wished I had ejaculated in the doctor's office was about 30 years later when I was having a digital rectal exam from my regular doc. His method was a little different in that he would lubricate his gloved finger and hold it still while he had you back your butt onto it, leaving the patient more in control. That one time I slid my rectum over his finger which easily slipped far inside. As he started to feel my prostate I was filled with an incredible amount of desire to ejaculate. "I want to masturbate, and I want to masturbate now!" I remember thinking to myself. Again the driving need didn't go away with the end of the exam but this time I was older and didn't feel I needed to wait until I got home. On the way out I stopped in the men's room and left my load of semen there. Felt much better after that.

    Maybe the third time will be the charm - maybe my time to shoot a load in the doctor's office is down the road, something to look forward to. At least should it happen I'll know that it's not really something unusual. That's how we guys are made and those things happen sometimes.
    doogood replied to gymrat44's response:
    hey gymrat! your desire to shoot a load in the doctor's office is more than likely a common theme of male fantasies. At least the way you've described the progression of events in this post!
    92135_man replied to doogood's response:
    I once had to get an ultra sound of my penis when i was in my teens for a problem i had while having an erection. There was 3 men in the room and they were all touching and looking at my penis. It was kinda awkward but i didnt mind it. Anyway, the ultra sound realy got me going and i accidentally shoot my load all over and it was really embarrassing! The doc told me not to worry because that is a usual case for young men with the procedure he was giving me.

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