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    Nude Beaches
    92135_man posted:
    I live in California and i really enjoy going to nude beaches. I have seen some weird things before like the occasional masturbation but nothing too crazy. I was lying down the other day enjoying the sun and in the corner of my eye i saw a couple having sex on the beach. They were being obvious about it by doing crazy positions or anything but if you looked at them, you definitely realized what they were doing. Has anyone ever seen people do anything like this in public or have you done anything in public?
    Polfsky responded:
    Which nude beach did you go to? I have never been to one before and am curious to try.
    92135_man replied to Polfsky's response:
    I went to Blacks beach next to La Jolla. Its a great spot
    gymrat44 replied to 92135_man's response:
    Black's Beach is a national treasure! Spending an entire day there can be incredibly peaceful.
    ontbear responded:
    92135_man: I have been to a clothing OP beach (in Wisconsin). I have never observed any masturation (self or by some one else) or other sex acts. The beach was shut down when it started to be visited by homosexual males....there were many sexual acts including sodomy. What a pitty.
    hairyd replied to ontbear's response:
    It is a pity ! The nude male bonding of my generation and those before me has been lost. I do not judge another man's sexuality. That is for him and his Maker. The homosexual community has their rights. I also enjoy sodomy and fellatio with my wife. But not on a public beach. It is sad that the homosexual wants to be accepted. But does not know by destroying the lives of hetersexual males. There is not going to be acceptance; as stated on other threads.

    There should peace and love between Brothers.
    Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
    urfaveflower replied to ontbear's response:
    It's enough that public sex is inappropriate. You didn't have to out yourself as a complete moron with your homosexual bashing. You are what is just sick. Shame on you.
    Anon_880 replied to urfaveflower's response:
    Amen... isn't this a place where we are supposed to be able to come and discuss issues/things without judgement???
    hairyd replied to urfaveflower's response:
    This is a option to discuss sexual issues / things.

    I was not aware telling the truth was considered homsexual bashing.

    My defination of a moran may also be differant than yours.

    Your comments to me imply your shame. I also think a person that thinks a sexual perference is sick. Needs to disscuss their sexual perference with clergy or a professional therapist.

    880 - are you judging me. I clearly stated I will no judge you. That is for you and your maker. But for me and my maker. I prefer man / woman
    Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
    urfaveflower replied to hairyd's response:
    That comment wasn't for you. The comment that was "homosexual bashing" was for a deleted post.
    ontbear responded:
    Hey, I was not "bashing" the homosexual men, I was just stating what I had observed. For several years that I went to this beach, I saw no sexual conduct from any men, women or children. When the homosexual (men) started the DNR closed the beach. It is now, after two years, open during the weekends only. The DNR stated that the beach will be monitored by authorities during the weekend for the beach to be used by all.
    92135_man replied to ontbear's response:
    I recently went there again and had an amazing experience. I was so relaxed and so peaceful. A man came over and sat next to me and we masturbated together. It was nothing homoerotic, we just sat next to each other and enjoyed each others company. It was an amazing experience and i cant wait to do it again. Everyone was so free and careless. yes, everyone you walk by stares directly at your penis but i did not mind at all. I also had an erection while i was walking and it didnt seem to bother anyone. It was a great day.
    buttfuzz replied to 92135_man's response:
    Thanks for sharing. There have been many times that this has happened to me on the beach, steam room, gym showers, hangin' nude at the river and so on. I'm gay, and am very masculine. Having said that- I would say that every time when I'm hanging out nude, some random guy will come over and start up a conversation. Which I'm cool with. And eventually it ends up with the two of us jacking off or a circle jerk. These dudes are always straight! Again, I'm cool with it.
    I think it's cool that straight dudes are open to this kind of thing.
    I go to nude places all of the time. Beaches, resorts, mountains, desert, etc... I am a life long nudist (36 yrs old), love being nude anywhere I can be. I only put clothes on if I have to leave the house. Being nude with friends or others is a great experience, I will say in my experience it's mostly just dudes that want to get naked though.
    buttfuzz replied to 92135_man's response:
    My most memorable story was similar to yours, and it was at Black's Beach also. I was lying there naked having a nap, when a good looking dude (also naked,and about my age- mid 30's) walked up and sat down right across from me. My legs were bent at the knee and spread wide, everything was exposed- hole, taint, cock and balls. He said "It's nice to see another guy who has all of his pubic hair dude". I opened my eyes and looked down to see him leaning back with his legs spread open too, he was just as hairy as I was and had a major hard on. Then he said "Wow man, that's an impressive dick bro." As I looked down, I realized I had a huge hard on and leaking pre-cum too. I then just made casual conversation. He told me he got hard putting sunscreen on his cock, that's why he was so hard. Eventually he asked me for a ciggarette, we smoked told stories about life, sex, men, women, his kids, etc. He grabbed some of his sunscreen and started rubbing it on his cock and started jacking off. Although I was turned on by this, I never assume anything! He then tossed it my way and said "Put some on your dick bro, let's have some good old fashion male bonding- you in?" Yes I was. I pulled some lube out of my back pack and started jacking off with him. It was so thrilling. We talked as we jacked our cocks, occasionally letting go of your cocks so we could ride the edge and not cum. I love to lightly rub my hairy taint while jacking off, so I did so in front of him not thinking about it. I guess he never thought to do this, because he said "Dude- does that feel good?!" And next he started rubbing his hairy taint too. It drove him crazy, his body was shaking, his balls tightened up and he let out a scream and a huge amount of cum. And said 'Wow man- i'm going to always rub my taint- that was amazing thank you! Now for round two." We must have been at it for another 20 minutes, then I couldn't hold back and came all over myself and shot so far, my cum hit his stomach and chest. We then rubbed it all over ourselves and just layed there for a few minutes. "Now round two, man." This time I wanted to get in a squat position to jerk off, so I did. He got on all fours with his hairy ass pretty close to my face- which I did not mind at all. He asked me to finger him, so I did. Whoa, this was one fun dude. And in no time at all, still on all fours he positioned himself right in front of me, his hole right at my mouth level and he lifted my legs and went to town eating my hole out. He was really good at it. I couldn't believe all of this was happening. It was so hot. God, we went at it for probably 3 hours i total. At the end, he thanked me for showing him some fun stuff and hanging out. I thanked him, and we packed up and went our separate ways...I think about this a lot while having my solo jerk off sessions to this day.

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