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    Erection during massage
    Anon_155123 posted:
    I sometimes get an erection during a whole body massage. When this occurs, the erection progresses until it becomes a painful throbbing problem. Would it be considered acceptable for me to ask the girl giving the massage, if I may masturbate to relieve the discomfort.?
    exprzzionz responded:
    In my area there are no places available for massage. I wish there were. That being said, some massage parlors provide "happy endings" to the massage. I know that is the route I would go. Has the girl giving the massage ever noticed your erection?If not you might gracefully let her see it and see how she reacts. Without more info on the type of establishement you're patronizing I really don't know what else to tell you.

    If none of the above works and you asked about masturbating it might get you thrown out. So proceed with care on this one. I can say I understand where you're coming from here. I once got a massage from a girlfriend I had just met and at that time I wanted to pull my penis out so bad it hurt but I didn't cause I didn't want to blow it. BTW later on I did get to pull it out and now you know there was a happy ending at least that time. LOL
    sofivergara11 responded:
    An erection during a massage is NOT a big deal, it happens, Erection during a massage is normal if you want to avoid this tell them that take precautions while doing massage as don't rub hard on that area.
    hairyd replied to sofivergara11's response:
    s11, you may not understand a male body.
    Being hard for me can be a female rubbing any area of my body. Somtimes her just being in the room.
    If I am needing to release tthe pressure. I request private time. She or him will ask me I want them to leave, would I prefer to go to the wash room; or ask if they could get me a cloth or tissue.
    Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
    oneslickdude replied to sofivergara11's response:
    As it turned out, I did get an erection when she massaged my butt and thighs and then when I turned over, I did so without the towel and left it off. She finished the massage of my thighs and pelvic area. In the last couple of minutes, I began to touch and stroke my penis. When she had finished, she said to lay there and take my time to get up so I was able to finish relieving my throbbing member. Nothing was said about my beginning to masturbate at the end so I guess she was fine with it. Perhaps as she gets to know me better, she will either stay and watch me or better yet, help me to finish.
    Thank you for your input.
    kahnjoe replied to oneslickdude's response:
    I get frequent massages and often get aroused. Female or male really makes no difference, if they get near my thighs - and watch out. I used to have a regular therapist and she was really cute and a little sexy, she would get so close to "my package" I'd have lotion in my pubes afterwards. A couple of times I'd have to pinch the head of my penis to prevent cumming. Then once I couldn't stop it fast enough, I didn't even have an erection but I blew load. She had to notice? Anyway, I accidentally spilled the water she always brought me so maybe she didn't catch on to what soaked the sheet? A new therapist and several close cals, I actually came once and grabbed myself and apologized. She said, "no big deal, it's a natural reaction and don't be embarrassed". I think she didn't realize I'd stopped short of blowing a full load and she thought I'd only gotten an erection. I love massages
    gringofeliz replied to sofivergara11's response:
    sofivergara 11, you're right on! please keep your comments coming as they are "sunshine." One gal commented about the legality of a masseuse stroking a male client to "happy ending." While true it wouldn't apply to a licensed sex therapist treating a patient for ED. I doubt if in Germany for example it is illegal and it shouldn't be as it is natural and some would get pleasure also.

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