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    ok men, tell me why they lie
    cheatinghere13 posted:
    i'm cheating with a married man, i love the attention, the affection, the sex, gifts, and mostly the calls and talks. my question is, why does this man lie about home? no way that i know for sure, but after a year, im thinking home life cant b this bad. he says she never cooks, never cleans, never wants sex, never laughs, he's miserable, wants to leave, but not his daughter. i could care less about him leaving, dont care if he stays there for therest of eternity, ive never or would ever ask him to leave them, just dont care like that. i dont lie to him, and just am very curious as to why he would paint such a dismal picture of home. any men that feel honest enough, i figure this is the place to get some honest answers.. help if you can-
    fcl responded:
    They do it so they can have their cake and eat it have the best of both worlds, if you prefer.
    There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
    cheatinghere13 replied to fcl's response:
    know why they cheat, but why all the lies about home life?? do they lie to make girls feel sorry for them? does it make them more appealing?
    elle0317 replied to cheatinghere13's response:
    b/c he may feel he gets more sympathy and attention from you with a sob story...who knows maybe it is true, how would you know he's lying?? Some people do stay in miserable marriages for the children, which btw the makes it harder on the children, so kind of defeats the purpose! Kids would rather be from a broken home than to live in one...
    Jumper2011 responded:
    What proof do you have that he is lying about this home/married life?
    cheatinghere13 replied to Jumper2011's response:
    do not have any proof, just a feeling.. i mean, i cant see her as being "that" bad, yet he stays with her.. she may not be his idea of a perfect wife, but a perfect spouse doesnt exsist. Ive just heard it said over and over agian, that men lie and paint a dismal pic of home, and I'm just curious. I thought maybe a man could share his view point here..
    elle0317 replied to cheatinghere13's response:
    Men who are happy at home don't cheat.
    Anon_475 replied to cheatinghere13's response:
    So why cheat with a man who has a good life?

    Do you like the idea that he will choose you over her and lose contact with his child? Does it make you feel good?

    Do you think you are more important than his daughter?
    KittieBunnie responded:
    Cheating....Maybe he's trying to keep you from becoming jealous of his marriage and/or wife. From my experience, men who cheat are liars. Period. It's habitual. There's no figuring em out!
    cageyexec replied to KittieBunnie's response:
    Yes, I've found that the lying becomes part of who they are -- and creates an altered reality for them. This isn't exclusive to males, BTW.
    An_251837 responded:
    Since you are cheating, then you are also lying. Ask yourself why you are lying and cheating.

    All part of human nature. Many people do it - both men and women.
    LUVishere replied to An_251837's response:
    he may not be lying at all.. are you lying as well? cheating is lying to someone anyways, but the things that he talls you about his wife may infact be the truth. Many couples are unhappy, and dissatisfied. youve been in this a year, if he's singing the same song about her, and he's cheating with you, maybe she is that bad. Maybe he does want to leave.. you both are cheating because you are unhappy for whatever reason.. I think you two should divorce, get together, make the best of what you started, do your spouses a favor, kids are resilient, and later on they want parents happy! good luck, i will never condem for I have not walked in their shoes.
    00000162 responded:
    Maybe she doesn't cook or clean to his satisfaction. Maybe he is an ass. A person that is cheating has a lot of flaws themselves. Maybe she knows he is cheating and is depressed about it and cannot be bothered to clean or cook for him. One thing is clear if he is cheating and maybe she is too..... there are a lot of issues going on in that home and the fact the he is boasting about it to someone that doesn't give a crap is not even close to fixing the problems. He needs to talk about it to her or a professional.

    I would say though the fact that she is very unhappy says she most likely knows he cheating...

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