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    hard penis
    jennifer96 posted:
    my husband is 36. he is highly sexual active. he can hold a erection for 6 hours sometimes longer. he can ejaculate many times and stay hard and aroused. he takes no meds for anything. and in fair health. and he dont do drugs. is this normal for his age?
    sluggo45692 responded:
    As a man of 50, I can tell you it can be very normal and very good. The man who takes care of himself (mentally and physically) and has a good partner can stay sexually healthy into his much later years. 36 is not old and sounds like he has a lot of years left in him. Enjoy and good luck
    hairyd responded:
    J. This is not abnormal. But it is not average. In my practice; II hear of to many30- 60 seconds rocket males.
    sluggo is correct it can be very normal and very good.

    Your husband like sluggo and I. Have learn to control our Penis for full sexual pleasure. Too many males put it in for aejection. Thier goal is only the feel good / rush of leasing the cum. It should be a marthan; not a Ketucky Derby Race.

    I hope you appreciate your husband's love for you. Also as my wife; your "Y'should also Open 24 / 7.

    A Hard Penis makes a Happy female ;() and a Happy male %
    If she will open wide.
    Stay HEALTH, you are the the fastest Sperm from your Father.
    benarnold responded:
    In the morning in particular, most of us have a peak in free blood testosterone. If ejaculate or if you don't ejaculate, is both OK.

    The high testosterone causes totally hardest erections to take place as your body can focus everything to that specific part when your in a resting state. If the sexual tension becomes too great, you will ejaculate in your sleep having what is known as a wet dream. You may have already awakened at times and found things to be a bit wet and slippery in that region or you may have had high feelings excitement during your sleep and slept right through the event.

    One important purpose is that nature uses this action while you are in puberty to help your Penis Enlargement while growing into a larger adult penis. These erections completely fill and expand the penis while growing to fill out and make for healthy shaft length and girth growth. Just continue to let things do what they do and don't wear restrictive shorts or PJ's to bed which hinder the process.
    Nature uses this as well when your not sexually active to keep the penis in good form.

    The veins and arteries are all normal and healthy. Remember, the entire device functions on blood flow and pressure hydraulics, so you need good blood transporting tunnels.
    Just relax and feel good about yourself. You're a healthy younger Dude and everything with your equipment is going great just like it should be.
    mintjulip3 replied to hairyd's response:
    My wife and I have had many a love making session that last an easy hour and a half. The pleasure for both of us is hard to explain not that we have even tried. Most folks wouldn't believe us. We have many friends that talk of their five minute trist where the wife doesn't know the pleasure of an orgasm. She just has sex to please her husband. I want to say to her but what about you. I cannot imagine such lopsided lovemaking. I am so thankful that we have such wonderful lovemaking sessions. I love the fact that we can take an entire Sunday afternoon an make love the biggest part of the afternoon. It's not suppose to be one sided affair. I love going down on my wife exploring every inch of her vagina, clitoris, labia & G spot. We explore new horizons constantly. Our friends would be surprised if they ony new. I wish they did. I really feel like we could help them get where they should be sexually. My wife knows every thing there is to know about her husbands love tools. It takes time and practice. Try it you might like it.
    dick912 replied to mintjulip3's response:
    Things are slowing down here but we have had great sexual experiences. Erections could last for hours and intercouse could go for long periods of time (20 minutes). My wife could have many orgasms during these sessions. Most of them occur when she stimulates herself. We have done things to keep our sex lifes new and exciting. We had never had a third person in the mix when it comes to intercourse but we have had a friend help out with his fingers and tongue. Great fun for the 3 of us. He did watch us have intercourse.
    thimsellaid responded:
    ED problems are now treatable with medications such as tadalafil. The pills work great for enhancing blood flow toward the male organ and improve conditions caused by hypertension, heart problems, and diabetes. You may want to check this link if you want help about ED and treatments:
    gringofeliz replied to thimsellaid's response:
    but does tadalafil work if the prostate was removed?

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