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    Extreme Edging and Cum Denial
    festival1942 posted:
    I am into Extreme Masturbation Edging, Cum Denial and gooning. I have edged for many hours daily for a couple weeks without cumming and am enjoying it immensely. Any other male members enjoy this as well?
    gymrat44 responded:
    An interesting post -- gotta admit I had to use a search engine to find out what 'gooning' is. Apparently one begins to 'goon' after edging for such a long time that one enters a hypnotic state where one is only a hard, erect penis and the life support system for the hard, erect penis. You're only a tap away from an exploding ejaculation but with patience and care you can keep on edging and in a hypnotic state for quite a while.

    One guy wrote elsewhere about getting into this state prior to working out at the gym and found that it made him a powerhouse while lifting.

    I've done edging and have enjoyed it -- but the problem I find with such Extreme Masturbation is that it just takes us so much time. While I do believe a good session should last half an hour or so at least I find that much longer sessions can be hard to fit in with all the rest of life (which is too bad, I know).

    But the idea of getting into a hypnotic state as part of masturbation is fascinating: you are penis,and penis is you, and there is just nothing else. The idea is a real turn-on!
    festival1942 replied to gymrat44's response:
    Sounds to me like you could really get involved in this "sport". Go to Extreme Cum Denial online and read more about this subject. Good luck and enjoy!
    festival1942 replied to gymrat44's response:
    That's actually Extreme Edging and Cum Denial. Sorry about that!
    gymrat44 replied to festival1942's response:
    Thanks, Festival1942, I've checked the topic and see you have a blog out there, interesting!

    You might also want to see a piece I posted in another WebMD board on 'shooting or oozing' where I describe working up to a long shoot:
    tnguy1 replied to gymrat44's response:
    I've tried edging several times and it doesn't work for me. After starting slow, I get somewhat near a climate and back off, my penis goes limp. Not sure what I am doing incorrectly.
    gymrat44 replied to tnguy1's response:
    Well, we're all different and can react in different ways. But maybe you just need to do some more training and not expect results immediately. Like the rest of our bodies our penises need to have consisent training to reach their full potential.

    Good luck!
    festival1942 replied to tnguy1's response:
    Penis will not go limp if you do not delay starting again as long. Try to start again immediately after sensation for climax subsides. If you haven't waited long enough you will know and can stop again immediately. Do more experimentation.
    gymrat44 replied to festival1942's response:
    I agree -- right after going past your climax start stroking again as soon as you're sure that touching your penis won't provoke an ejaculation. You may just be waiting too long before starting up again.
    young_man responded:
    I do this as well, since I am still inexperienced sexually, I can only edge for so long before I just loose self control and cum.
    festival1942 replied to young_man's response:
    Young men find this more difficult than older men because the penis is more sensitive but this technique can be accomplished with practice. You will last longer and longer and will become more skillful at stopping in time. Keep remembering how rewarding this experience is for you. Good luck!
    thesicklychild responded:
    I am 60 and my spouse is unable to have/enjoy sex. I discovered this practice several years ago and an online community of other dedicated edgers (bateworld). This has helped me cope with my situation. Honestly, edging and gooning is a bliss state that I wish I had discovered long before this.
    Getting there is truly more than half the fun! I am able to enjoy several hours of this every week. On weekends, I am usually able to get in sessions of several hours before the wife gets up or while she is out shopping. A man needs to know how to handle himself !
    tylakeland replied to thesicklychild's response:
    Im in my early thirties and I love this! I love to see if I can last as long as others, the finish line is like no other!
    gen1489 responded:
    love to edge and good every morning for a couple of hours. usually cum though.

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