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    Prostate massage
    geokeith posted:
    I have read a lot about the benefits of prostate massage on the internet lately; as I get older and my prostate seems to be more sensitive to inflammation and infection, I am curious if there are actual health benefits to this; if you have it done, who does it? can you get it done in a non sexual situation? although I understand ejaculation is generally the outcome; would like to hear from any who might have had this done or done it for others; can you see any health benefit?
    buttfuzz responded:
    I have massaged my prostate since jr high school. And through the years I have always enjoyed it tremendously. I can make myself cum without touching my penis even while doing this. It takes A LOT of practice to get there, but once you've got it- you really got it. I have out right screamed it felt so good, either doing this myself or with a partner/partners. Kegal exercises help a lot too. Where you squeeze your PC muscle and release, doing this over a period of time. I've spent a good 16 yrs perfecting this and when you understand the flexing of the PC muscle, with jerking off or having sex- it's no other orgasm. It's intense. I have to add- while I'm massaging my prostate, I use my thumb to rub my taint and just keep masturbating. This is the ultimate for me. My body shakes, I am in the zone dude. So good.
    An_252334 responded:
    A prostate massage can be done by (as buttfuzz said) yourself, by a partner, or by your doctor. I can say I'm not limber enough to do it to myself, but I have had it done my lovers and doctors.

    I had a problem a few years back with prostatitis. My urologist told me to ensure I ejaculate daily and drink a lot of fluids. I asked him about massages and he told me not to massage while inflammed. He would only proscribe them for specfic treatments, but if I could get my partner to do them for me and I enjoyed it, go for it. It doesn't hurt you to do them and some research said it may even be good for you.

    I can also state if your lover is providing you stimulation while they massage you. OMG, you will finish with a big bang. In a clinical setting, it can be uncomfortable. This is because it is a clinical procedure and not for the enjoyment of the action.

    No matter what, TRY it with a partner. Use lots of lube and rubber gloves, so if your partner has long or ruff nails. Relax and breath. Make sure you have had a BM or enema before hand. Take your time.
    brakallie1 replied to buttfuzz's response:
    How do you accomplish this? with a sex toy, finger both?
    theone0221 replied to buttfuzz's response:
    How do you do it? I really way to learn so I can enjoy an intense orgasm and masturbation. Please me me know if I can write privately or if we can chat here. Tanks
    bigred53 replied to theone0221's response:
    Basically you insert your finger or a toy in your rectum and use plenty of lube. There is a device/toy specifically for prostate massage called an Aneros. Or you could have your partner do it while giving you head. She/he inserts a finger and using a "come here" motion a few inches in your rectum. If you're laying on your back the prostate is towards the front of your body. You can also google prostate massage. The men I've done this with go wild. I hope I explained it well enough for you to understand. Anal play is awesome!

    An_257784 replied to bigred53's response:
    The thing that gets on my nerves is the fact that one needs to have an enema before doing anal play if they really want to be clean, thats way too much work for me. Is that crazy?
    bigred53 replied to An_257784's response:
    You don't need to have an enema. Going to the bathroom before the playing should take care of it. Or you can always wear a condom or gloves. People are so squeamish these days. Really you only need to clean out the rectum - a full on enema isn't necessary unless that's what gets you off.

    buttfuzz replied to theone0221's response:
    Email me:
    I'll explain in more depth...
    theone0221 replied to buttfuzz's response:
    Just did...
    chazmo18 replied to bigred53's response:
    Well some folks tend to be cleaner than others. If I intend on having anal pleasure I prefer to full on cleanse or maybe a quick finger sliding in when I'm showering.

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