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    How can I overcome my size insecurity?
    aadams7 posted:
    Not sure if you guys can help me with this, but here it goes. I'm almost 21 years old, and like pretty much all guys, this is something I'm insecure about. I would love to stop worrying about it once and for all. I know that the average length is 6 inches (which is the length I am, 5.5 inches in girth, not sure if that's thin or thick), but I have read online on different sites that some women think 6 inches is small, and some women think it is perfect. I also see many women online who say that anything under 7-8 inches is "no can do". I'm not really sure what to believe. I'm always looking at myself in the mirror trying to convince myself I'm not small, but it obviously doesn't work. What do you think? And if you have around the same size I do, have you had any bad experiences with women saying you aren't big enough or small?
    bigred53 responded:
    I wish I could sit down with you and talk to you but I'll try to tell you what I think and what I know.

    Your size is just fine and don't let anyone tell you differently. Most women can't climax from penetration alone. We need clitoral stimulation. Learn how to use your fingers and mouth/tongue. Make sure your woman climaxes first and then penetrate her and she might climax again.

    Here is my personal preference. I love a smaller or average size penis. I love giving head and it is easier t deep throat a smaller penis. I also love anal sex and again a smaller penis is much better. I'd rather be tickled than stabbed.

    I'm 60 years old and I've been with men who have large penises and men with small ones. In my experience the men with smaller penises are much better lovers. Years ago I had a lover who is 18 years younger than I and he has a small penis. He was one of the best lovers I've ever had. He has magic hands. I still get turned on thinking about being with him.

    There are some women who are what I call size queens. It is their problem not yours. As I said learn how to please a woman with your hands and mouth.

    A confident man is very attractive to most women. Be confident and considerate.

    If possible hook up with an older woman who knows what she wants and will teach you how to please her. I love younger men.

    Be willing to try different things. If a woman brings out her toys don't be intimidated. Have fun with it. Sex should be fun as well as feeling awesome.

    In addition real life and real woman are nothing like what you see in promos. We all don't gyrate and scream but we all can climax with the right stimulation.

    You're fine. Imo you're darned near perfect. Now stop obsessing about the size of your penis and go out there and have fun! !

    sluggo45692 replied to bigred53's response:
    Hi aadams7,

    Michelle couldn't have said it better. Listen to her. There is a lot more to sex than your penis. I didn't realize that until later in life. Of course, I didn't have WebMd or a good repore with my father about sex. His idea of sex was if she has a hole you can put it in. If she got off "ok", if not it's still "ok". I got mine.
    Girth is around the base of your penis, Length is from the scrotal sac to the head.
    I seen a program on a prime cable station about some very high priced Las Vagas ladies of the evening. They were having a discussion about size. Quite a few liked the smaller penises, because they could swallow them better and give the man more pleasure. I've only been able to have one woman swallow me. OMG it was great. I'm just normal sized.
    PORN IS NOT NORMAL SEX. Just because you see little Suzie Hooker swallow a monster doesn't mean every woman can or wants to.
    Use your brain. Your hands, fingers and tongue will work a whole lot better then just slamming it in her.

    Good Luck

    P.S. Sex toys are for both of you to enjoy. G Whiz, I miss my man whore days. LOL
    alantewks replied to sluggo45692's response:
    Most men are between 5 and 6 inches long. Most men don't worry about their size. What made you start to worry about your size in the first place? I realize that if you think there is something wrong, a thousand people can tell you that there isn't anything wrong and you still wouldn't be convinced. You need to find out why you are concerned. Was it something someone said? What is your flaccid size? Do you think you compare unfavorably in the locker room? There has to be something that got you worrying.
    bigred53 replied to alantewks's response:
    alant I think he's worrying because he is young and inexperienced. And has been watching too much porn.

    To the original poster, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. I swear if I could I'd be all over you teaching you about what a real woman wants and needs and likes in the bedroom or the car or wherever.

    If you really want to learn more about women and what they need to climax go to Dr. Betty Dodson is an expert on female orgasm. She is 85 years old and still sexually active. As old as I am I have learned a lot.

    Now go out and find a good woman, not a girl and start learning. Take your time exploring each othe. Ask her what she likes and what feels good to her. Communication is very important. If you do these things pretty soon you'll get a reputation for being a good lover.

    aadams7 replied to alantewks's response:
    alantewks, the first time I ever saw a penis other than my own was when I was about 7-8 years old, but not a friend's or family member, it was when my cousin showed me a porn video he found that my uncle had lying around. Of course since that was the first one I ever saw, I thought they were all supposed to be that big. As you can imagine, I was really disappointed (still am) when mine never grew that big. Now, even though I read that what I am packing is an average size, I am still not convinced that is what the "average guy" has (especially when I go on Yahoo Answers and see women saying that anything under 7 inches is small and not worth bothering with, and the smallest they've ever had was 6 inches, stuff like that). Maybe it has to do with the fact that my first time seeing one was at such a young age and it happened to be that of a pornstar. No matter what anyone says the average size is, I subconsciously think that I should be bigger. So you're probably right, no matter what anybody says, I will most likely still feel like I'm lacking down there.

    bigred53, thank you for the reassurance and advice. I really appreciate it
    stevesmw replied to aadams7's response:
    An above penis is important if you want a career in porn, otherwise not so much. Any woman who specifies a size requirement is immature and ignorant. A large penis is more likely to cause discomfort than please. Before I met my wife she had experienced large and the accompanying discomfort. My average was the fit she wanted.

    I wouldn't mind having another inch, to get more penetration in positions where it would be helpful, but that's more about pleasing myself than my partner.
    dick912 responded:
    Most men are between 5 -6" long and an average grith of 4.8". If you do the math, my 5,5" long cock at 5.75" grith has more size than a 6" cock with a grith of 4.8". Ifyou get hard and have an orgasm, enjoy it and don't worry about your size.
    richardpayne responded:
    Hi! I feel that your size is pretty good and you don't need to worry about it. At this age many guys think that there size is small even it is 6 inches long. Size do matters but if you know how to play the game then size hardly matters.
    An_250812 responded:
    I can relate Believe me....In my teen years my gf and future wife actually measured me,i was only 6.5 and not the thickest...what I missed was she had a tape measurer on her,found out she was cheating on me with my downstairs neighbor after almost 3 yrs.of us being together...I had sex with so many others,now in my 50's,wife sick and haven't had sex in 9 diabeties,e.d issues,now im some what functional and only get maybe 3- 3 1/2 erect,0 when not,so damn depressed about it,dont know what to do,who to see,if there is any hope,feel like a freak....
    texas7tl replied to An_250812's response:
    your ok... 6 is average... go to a nude beach and you will see smaller .. Dont focus on how you compair to others, focus on how to just be you.. and keep the romance going.

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