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    Massage therapist appears to want to masturbate me
    An_208358 posted:
    Because of back surgeries, I have been going to get regular massages. The therapist is very good and relaxes me so much. I am nude during the massage with a sheet over me. Her fingers usually slide down my butt crack, it seems a little lower than is necessary, and I always get a hard-on when on my back and with a full body massage she does the thighs as well. Her hands always graze my penis and testicles repeatedly. Is this a sign that she wants to give me more than a massage, say to masturbate me? I hate to presume if its not the case. I am curious to see if this is common. I would probably allow it to happen if it is common enough.
    GAP1954 responded:
    relax - if her attention is not welcome just say you are a little embarassed or something. If the attention does not bother you don't make the mistake of encouraging anything yourself. I usually go to a male anyway who understands if I am poking skyward it is not always an "open for business" sign. It's just a massage anyway - if you end up enjoying it a little more than usual - enjoy! Clean up afterward...
    Chef123 replied to GAP1954's response:
    Oh the attention is more than welcome. I wish she would get more adventurous, but I understand the caution here, not to initiate anything myself. I tip extremely well afterwards and it always seems to get more exploring and intense on the next visit. I truly wish she would take that next step now. After an intense rub-down, I could use the release.
    Texasred45 replied to Chef123's response:
    Well, if she appears to be getting a little more adventurous on each visit, next time you see her you might make a little joke of it, or a hint something like, "You know, the last couple of massages you've given me, I was more tense afterwards than before you started!"
    Or maybe it would be better to say that after she's done, but before she leaves the room - she does leave the room for you to get dressed, doesn't she?
    But in the circumstances, be sure you do NOT make the first move, or she'll just think you're another Al Gore...
    hairyd responded:
    At your next session tell her you do not want the sheet. I never use a sheet. Then see what she wants..... There could be a extra cost. I never mix sex and a massage.
    Jeremy3456 responded:
    I don't know if your post is genuine or you're just posting this to get off. I know in the state where I live, massage therapists have to be licensed and are not allowed to touch the genitalia. But "massage" is often a euphemism for sex so maybe she is a sex worker, or used to be or wants to be, even if she is a licensed masseuse.
    hogneck07 responded:
    I too had a similar situation recently with my massage therapist. i had been seeing him once a month, for over a year and a half to correct some lower back and upper leg problems; and, as similar to past treatments, had indicated that I should just undress down to my underwear prior to the massage. On my last visit something similar happened to me which you had experienced. When he began to work on my legs on the front side, as he moved his hands from my ankles up to my thigh area, his face seemed to come really very close to my groin close that I could feel his breathing on that area. He seemed to hesitate much longer than was necessary, in massaging the upper thigh area, and on a three or four occasions I sensed a very slight brushing over my now sl;ightly aroused penis. It almost seemed as if he was "smelling" me in that area, and I became a bit uncomfortable. This was the very first time in over 18 months that anything even close to what might be called "sexual" has taken place. He is an excellent therapist, and in times past has really helped correct my back and upper leg pain; but, I am wondering if I am just imagining this as an overt act, or if in fact it was for real././ I will give him the benefit of the doubt on this, but I really felt a little funny about the whole incident.. Never once has he suggested that my massage therapy needed to be with my having to undress completely as in your situation..
    Austin_pr replied to hogneck07's response:
    I know exactly what you mean. I have been going to this masseur, once a month for a year now. It started me being nude with a towel, but like from 5 months, he gives me the message completely in the nude, no towel. I even undress in front of him. He is very good looking and I definitely don't mind having more than a massage with him. He massages everything in my body, except my penis, of course. But he does massages my butt cheeks and I love it when he does. It feels so good. He has seen every inch of me, my erect penis and even pre-cum because everytime I go to a message, I pre-cum. The massage is that good. Sometimes I feel very aroused on his massages and I wish that he at least take his shirt off and the message to turn a little more erotic but I don't want to be the one to make that approach because I don't want to make him uncomfortable and I don't want to ruin what I have with him because his massages are really good.
    An_251652 replied to Chef123's response:
    I don't know if you still read responses to this post...
    You are right to not initiate anything. I've been in this postion and I would mentally will his hand to go further but I made no move to intitiate anything. I did not want to go there if there was a chance I was reading his touches wrong, though by the way he was touching me I was reading his correctly but still I made no move. And he actually made the next move and it was NICE, (women want that too, well some of us), even now we do not talk about it before or after, it's just part of my massges (and I still get a great therputic massage).
    Chef123 replied to An_251652's response:
    Hi Anonymous, yes i do. I still go to the female massage therapist and she continues to tease the same way. In conversation, I hint, but she remains very professional. However, she does the same routine every visit...grazes the penis, fingers up my ass cheek crack. She no longer uses a sheet to cover me. She has me turn over nude then takes her time giving me a towel to cover myself. By that time I'm very erect and she simply smiles and begins the torture again. I believe she's waiting for me to make first move. Twice now she's climbed on the table straddling me around the knees massaging and smiling. It's driving me crazy. I wish she'd just grab me and we can move forward...
    JKKPRESTON replied to Chef123's response:
    Maybe the therapist has her very .. powerful.. ways of maintaining her customer base. Think about it: what's the probability of you being the only one?

    The fact that it doesn't go all the way gives her some room for deniability.
    kudzu46 responded:
    go to an oriental spa, everyone i have been to offers the happy ending, but you have to ask for it, they can't offer- that is prostitution.
    theanswerguy189 responded:
    I have gotten PLENTY of massages before, but one time a few months back I had the same experience as you. She stroked my inner thighs, made me erect, and gently brushed my penis and testicles. I began moaning softly, and she stayed in the same area. I knew at that point that she had to realize I was turned on because I was moaning and I was clearly erect. She chose to stay there and continue turning me on. So I got a little bit bold and pulled the sheet back so my penis was erect and clearly visible, she stayed in the same area indicating she knew and approved, so I gently nudged her elbow forward until she was stroking my penis. From that day on, I have returned to her for massages with "happy endings"... she and I both know what I want even though I've never vocalized it. The other day she came to my place to give me a more private massage so I didn't have to remain so quiet. Things are going very well and I anticipate sometime soon I will have sex with her. This is the complete truth! I didn't anticipate it happening like this but it did.
    An_251837 replied to theanswerguy189's response:
    I believe the last reply from FCL to the "No Happy Endings" discussion is also quite appropriate here.

    "having more money than sense" definitely applies.

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